Monday, April 30, 2007

Did the Earth move for you?

You might have heard about the earthquake that hit Kent this weekend.

It was not far from where I live, and people living much farther away have reported feeling it.

So, what is my story?

Well, I was trying to have a bit of a lay in, last week had been rather tiring and stressful so a few extra ZZzzzzs would have helped. I was not asleep, just hovering on the edge, aware of talking and movement around the house. Then the dog started barking.

Knowing that something was wrong, I leaped out of bed and rushed down stairs.

"What's that Custard? There is an earthquake and you think we should take cover under the stairs?"

Sorry, this is not a Lassie movie! I stayed in bed and the kids told Custard to shut up. There were no tremors, nothing rattled. We (not counting Custard, of course) did not know about the quake until it was announced on the news later that morning.

The only worrying thing was that an 'expert' stated fairly confidently that it was now over and we should not expect further quakes. QUICK, BETTER STOCK UP ON FOOD, WATER, CANDLES, BATTERIES, GUNS...

Well, we all know about 'experts'!


Terri said...

Glad all is well with you and your family

Logziella said...

Yes, I heard about that & I thought about you and James! I am glad to hear that you are fine. Wow!!

krista said...

Amazing how animals know things. Experts, who needs them just talk to your pets! My cats always seem to know when something is wrong.

John said...

Terri - thanks. There only seems to have been one injury but quite a lot of houses have been declared unsafe - we just don't expect this sort of thing over here!

Logzie - James is fine. He is about 250 miles from me so had no chance of being affected.

Krista - I think we might pay more attention to Custard next time he has a barking fit!