Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's that smell? Is it Arabel?

This comes from one of our favourite books for children. It follows a well tried pattern.

"What's that smell? Is it Arabel?" (Arabel is a toddler).

Turn the page.

"No, it's mummy making cakes!"

After several of these the book finishes with "Yes, it IS Arabel! Eeew!"

Well, we have been reliving this story in our house. In the old days, any nasty smell was blamed on me. Then we got Custard the dog, who is capable of making incredibly disgusting smells, so he started getting the blame.

Now we have a new, even more nasty smell that appears in the house. It stings the throat and makes eyes run. It is foul and toxic. It must have taken us a week to work out what it was. It was Number 1 Son.

In recent weeks he has started cooking snacks for himself when he returns from school. Cool, all boys should be able to hold their own in a kitchen, so we have been leaving him to it. Then we found out what he has been eating every day after school. Beans with garlic seasoning. Yes, he has been putting garlic with the world famous fart pill, and now seems to have reached critical mass where he is expelling something that could easily be classed as a Weapon Of Mass Destruction. Even the dog is avoiding him!

He protests that we should be happy that he is eating health food, good for the digestive system and blood. He knows this from Biology classes. Well maybe he should drop one in his next Biology class and see what is teacher has to say about it!

I think we might have to hide the garlic seasoning....

So, mothers with small children, it is not over, it just changes!


krista said...

How true. At every stage in a childs life a parent thinks everything is smooth sailing from here on! But each stage has it's nasty surprises to which you hear yourself saying this is the worst one yet! And then you start counting down the years until they are all 18 (I have 3 years left). I know it is denial and that at 18 they will all have other issues but we can always dream!

Logziella said...

That was HILARIOUS!!

John-that made my day!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

'fart pill'...HA!!!

John said...

Krista - I don't know about Canada, but over here they go to University at 18 and then move back in for a few years... So I guess you might get a short break at some point!

Logzie - glad you liked it.

Terri said...

Sounds all too familiar. Not only do my boys have no shame in flatulating, but their friends feel comfortable doing so here as well!

Chris said...

O.k. I'm known for eating some pretty wierd things, but even that made me throw up a little in my mouth.
I feel your pain. Tell him to crack a window next time.

Chris said...

By the way John, a co-worker of mine wanted to know what part of Kent you are in. She said she grew up in the Isle of Sheppy (is that spelled right?)

John said...

I live in Herne Bay, on the north coast. We can see the Isle of Sheppey from the beach, its nearest point is only about 10 miles away.

amazingbrenda said...

eeww....haha. That's funny.

amazingbrenda said...

Please blog some!!!

John said...