Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's go this way!

Like all men, I have an infallible sense of direction. As with all men, I am fully capable of travelling 500 miles to a location that I have never been to before without taking a wrong turning and all without the aid of a map or Sat-Nav.

Sadly, nobody else in my family believes this!


Well it all started a few weeks after my wife and I started seeing each other. We had decided that, as it was such a wonderful summers day, we would go for a nice walk in the woods with our dogs. Off we went, heading through the woods along bridle paths, passing others out for walks or riding horses. It was a lovely day. Then we got to a point where we decided that it was time to head for home - we were all getting hungry and the water bottles were now empty.

Then I said it:

"Let's go this way! It will be quicker!"

So off we went along a new path, me confidently striding ahead while my girlfriend and the dogs followed, confident that I knew where I was going.

To this day I do not know where I went wrong, but as we came out of the woods we were looking at the wrong town. DON'T LAUGH!!! We were about 8 miles from where we should have been. On the bright side, there was a pub nearby, but we quickly found that this had just closed for the afternoon, which made things even worse. The rest of the trip, retracing our steps, was in stony silence. I had distinctly failed to impress.

And I have never quite redeemed myself in that respect. Whenever we are out and I can clearly see that there is a good short cut to be had, my wife and the kids cringe in terror and go the other way! One day I will show them, one day...


Terri said...

I didn't laugh! Honest! Alright, yes I did. Seriously, John? 8 miles?

John said...

Yes, 8 miles...