Friday, April 13, 2007

Radio DJs

Is being a complete imbecile a job requirement for DJs? Let me explain.

Each morning my radio switches on to wake me up. I have it tuned into the local station as they play some reasonable music, and they have news slots where they talk about which schools are closed for whatever reason and tell you where there have been car crashes so you know the best route to work etc. But the DJs can be real plonkers.

Take this morning.

First off, he announces a great new track by someone or other, tells how it is going to fill the floor at the club he is appearing at tonight (plug plug) and what a great bass line it has got.

Hm, great bass line? I am thinking Geddy Lee, Stanley Clark, Mark King...

On comes a total abomination that is a looped sample of the chorus of a classic 60s track with a thumping synth bass. Great track? I think not.

Then he decides to comment on the latest news stories but gets it all completely wrong, twisting things so he can make a cheap joke. Funny? At 6.30am? I think not!

Finally he gets round to the weather, telling us what a cracking day it is already and how it is going to be shorts and t-shirt weather today. Now this programme is being broadcast from 3 miles up the road. We went past the studio while walking the dog the other evening. Outside MY house it is freezing fog! Has this idiot actually looked outside since he arrived at the studio, presumably while it was still dark?

"It's Friday the 13th - is it really a bad day?" he asks.

Well waking up listening to him certainly started things off on the wrong foot!


amazingbrenda said...

LOl, complete idiot! I must say. Maybe you should throw some eggs at his window or something.

Certainly not what anybody would wanna wake up too. Hope your day turns out good. It is pizza night remember???

Logziella said...

That would drive me nuts too!

I wonder how long the will last...nobody wants to deal with something like that when they first wake up!

Hope your Friday gets better...and oh like Brenda's PIZZA night Rock Chef!! :0)

John said...

Yes, it is pizza night, thanks for pointing that out girls!

The day has got much better, I must admit!

Terri said...

DJs in general are all about themselves. This guy seems right on track. One of our local DJs slogan is "Do Dave in the Morning." He appeals to the younger crowd, obviously.

Chris said...

That DJ probably doesn't even know who Geddy Lee is....
P.S. Rush might be touring here this summer.

mr zig said...

"real plonkers" hahahah - thats hillarious! i'm so using that word "plonker" in my everday life! AWESOME!