Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer is here!

Today is the first day of the summer school term - the kids went off in their summer uniforms, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, there is not a cloud in the sky! The result of this wonderful day is that I have declared Unilateral Summer. This means that I am in shorts and shirts from now on regardless of what happens to the weather. I took to doing this after a couple of really nasty summers where spring seemed to skip straight to autumn without summer getting a look in, and as I had been waiting for the nice weather to arrive before I get out the shorts I missed it! So, have a great summer everyone, even if you are still waiting for your snow to go away for good!

Love and Marriage

OK, a switch of subject. Broken relationships are everywhere. The news seems to regularly give increasing divorce rates. Films and TV shows make them a stock item, making it seem that failure of a relationship is inevitable.

My favourite line for this comes from the film Clue:

"Life after death is about as probable as sex after marriage".

So there are times when my wife and I look at each other and wonder where we are going wrong! Why aren't we arguing, throwing things at each other, having affairs, splitting up?

From the Harry Enfield show:

"You're holding me back! I should be on my 4th husband by now, and I haven't even got a brown baby!"

But, do you know something? I don't know if I just got lucky, but reading the blogs that I do has made me realise that we are NOT alone. There are others out there that also have wonderful, loving relationships! So here's to us all!

Give the one you love a big hug tonight, and prove that there is life after death :-)


Logziella said...

Whoa Who!!! (or how ever you would write that...)

Good for you and excellent post! You are right and I think that the celebrities are not helping at all in that area either. Now the "in" thing is to not get married just have and adopt children together...WHERE IS THE COMMITMENT?

Ali said...

Yay for all of us! It's weird to think that I'm 26 and a lot of the people that got married when I did have already split up.
I think many people are just in love with the idea of being married and maybe not the person they are marrying.
It's too bad that some people are willing to give up so easily (however I DO realize that some people are just not right for each other, shit happens).

Terri said...

Kudos John! It's nice to see someone proclaiming the joys of marriage and commitment. Congratulations on having such a wonderful marriage. You didn't need to say so, I'm glad you did, but it's very evident in much of your writing.

amazingbrenda said...

Well I think it's about the choices we make & how much work & effort are we willing to put into the relationship. PRIDE is the biggest enemy in a realtionship. All it takes are 2-4 words. I'm sorry & forgive me. This is our motto in our realtionship. & last but not least MOVE ON. ;)