Friday, April 27, 2007

A Day in the Life of...

Logziella commented that she enjoys reading blogs about every day life, so here is one of from me.

Woke up in the morning to the sound of our local radio station. Thankfully they have replaced the idiot that was driving me insane a while ago, so this is not too bad. As I try to achieve full consciousness an Anastacia song comes on. I love her voice and this gets me moving a bit faster.

For breakfast I have a bowl of a new cereal that the kids have been raving about. I can't see anything special about it, but as it is a good healthy one I encourage them to eat it. I will go for something else in the future.

When I leave home I walk with my eldest son until he joins up with some friends for the rest of the trip to school, then I head for work. My mobile rings. It is my wife telling me that I have left my shirt behind, so I go back home for it before resuming my journey to work.

I am only half way there when the traffic grinds to a halt. It turns out that they have dug up the road in Canterbury, causing a 3-4 mile tailback. Still, this does not slow me down as much as it does the cars, so I am only a couple of minutes late for work.

At lunchtime I phone my wife to discover that we are in trouble with the bank because part of my regular income has not been paid in. It has taken her 2 hours to hopefully get it sorted out. Good job it is pay day soon!

After work I stay in Canterbury for the evening as it is wargames day. Dinner is at the local Mexican place that I go to a lot, the lure of cheese nachos and jalapenos is just too much for me!

Then off to meet the guys for an evening of toy soldiers. We are trying out a new game that is designed to recreate ancient Greek warfare. My game started off OK but things rapidly went wrong for me - even my general got killed, turning defeat into a catastrophe. An interesting game that we will come back to again!

Then it is time to head home. The road still has works in place, so most of the traffic seems to have taken a different route, which is great for me. Not needing to keep checking for cars I get home very quickly, grab a sandwich, make a fuss of the dog, freshen up and flop into bed.

So there you have it, a day in the life of me!


Ali said...

Your wife has to call you to tell you that you have forgotten your shirt?
I think if I ever forgot my shirt my husband would have a heart attack - and would probably drive like a bat out of hell to track me down...

John said...

I had forgotten the shirt that I change into when I get to work. After cycling 8 miles I do not want to stay in the same shirt for the rest of the day!

John said...

Ali - looking at your photo, maybe you DID forget your shirt... ;-)

Terri said...

It was fun to read about how you spent your day. I had the same thought as Ali did... Visions of you glancing down at your bare chest with a look of shock! "OH MY GOSH! Where's my shirt!"

How lucky for you that you can walk part of the way with your son. I hope he appreciates it as much as I'm guessing you do.

John said...

Just because I have no sense of direction does not mean that I am totally senile! :-)

I think my son might complain if I went out like that anyway...

Ali said...

Pout - I happen to be wearing a tank top. I assure you that I am fully clothed...from the belly button up anyways.

Logziella said...

Oh my gosh!! You guys are TOO funny!!

John-for the record, I was not picturing you 'without' a shirt on, I was assuming that you wanted to have a different shirt to change into for your wargame thing after work. I guess I was wrong too. I bet your co-workers are thankful that you bring that extra shirt! HA.

So, was it dark by the time you were cycling back on your way home?

Could you maybe describe this wargame thing a little bit? I had never heard of it until you and James mentioned it. I am curious.

Great post! I think the day to day stuff is great b/c it helps us picture a little more about eachother.

amazingbrenda said...

Oh common what's a little BO..ha.j/k. Glad u change. I figured as much that's what the shirt was for.

So how bout that KFC. Are you sure you don't need a GPS thing a magig? Again...women rock!!! sorry to say that'll have 2 proof urself nxt time u drive. hahaha! j/k