Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A gentle stroll...

Had a really good Easter break - 6 days off in all!

What went on? Let me see.

Lots of painting of Toy Soldiers! I got my armies finished for a show that is coming up (see an earlier post on this!) and they do look rather good. This leaves me a month to make the scenary which is plenty of time!

I totally avoided doing any DIY, so I have not inflicted a horrible injury on myself, have not had to spend time in a hospital, catch a nasty infection and die!

I have succeeded in eating vast amounts of chocolate, to the extent that I am currently drinking Coca Cola Zero so my sugar levels get a chance to go down!

I did huge amounts of laundry, which was really good as the weather has been fantastic, making drying the stuff very easy. Yes I did hang it out "right" and did not deliberately do it "wrong"!

With the wonderful weather, the kids' bikes have come out of the shed and have seen lots of use. The 2 youngest have taken to riding along with us when we take the dog out for his walks. This is great exercise for THEM as it means they are getting 3-4 miles of cycling in each day, but it has a nasty side effect that Custard, the dog, gets worried if he loses sight of them and drags me along until he can see them again! Due to his deformed rear leg joints we are not allowed to let him run loose, so he is limited to his extending leash. Being dragged along has brought about the return of my Old War Wound. OK, not a war wound, it is sciatica, an occasional reminder of when I worked in a factory, lifting and carrying things that were rather too heavy to be lifted and carried...

With the warm evenings I have taken to spending an hour sitting in the garden with a guitar, my FX box and earphones, rocking away to myself. Such a great way to settle down for the evening.

Finally, yesterday was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Day on TV. This is my wife's all time favourite programme, so it was on all day and my wife had a day of rest and watched it all. It is very rare that she will do something like this, so it was good to see. Meanwhile, The Rock Chef was in the kitchen cooking up roast pork with potatoes, salad and home made bread rolls - healthy brown and granary ones, of course!

So all in all a rather good break, now I am back and ready for anything!


Terri said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic break. Glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy it!

Logziella said...

That sounds great! I am always inspired to cook a nice good meal after I read your posts! Thanks!

Glad you are back and had a nice break!

Ali said...

I'm glad that you had such a wonderful holiday - and I'm jealous about all of your rocking out.
Missed you alot, is it selfish of me to ask you not to go away again? ;)

amazingbrenda said...

Would you like more chocolate....I have soo much... it's coming out of my ears. Although I am not eating it. good girl.

mmmm...that pork roast sounds delicious. I'm sure it was great. We haven't cooked ours yet. Got too busy & ended up eating out with friends. I'll post abt it.

6 days sounds fantastic! sounds like your toy soldiers are coming long. Show us the finish product...Oh & I'm, glad your not dead or majorly injured..maybe a bit high from the paint. haha j/k.

John said...

Terri - Yes it was a great break, I totally chilled out.

Logzie - Glad I inspire you to cook good food. Do you do it?

Ali - With your new guitar you will soon be rocking more than me! Get Mr Zig to show you how to play Power Chords - the cheat way to get going! Not go away again? You are so sweet!

Amazingbrenda - Sorry I think I have just about chocced out! Make Crispie Cakes out of it! I will put up some pics of my soldiers when the scenary is done so you can see the whole effect. Sadly the paint I use has no fumes, so I have to sniff the glue we use to repair maps with at work instead ;-)

Logziella said...

I try my best!

John said...

As we say to our kids - no one can expect more than that!