Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Today is my last day at work until after the Easter weekend - that will make it my longest break since Christmas and I think I am ready.

I love Easter.

It is a great excuse to scoff down obscene amounts of chocolate and sweets.

It is a great family weekend, when we can all get together for a nice meal, to drink, chat and play.

It is a traditional weekend for DIY, where we rush around getting jobs done so that we are ready for the summer. The hospitals are bracing themselves, waiting for the people who fall off ladders, smash fingers with hammers, drill through part of themselves, slip a disk by lifting something that is too heavy, etc. Such fun. I do my best to avoid all of this, of course.

It is a time for theological debate! Wouldn't it have been better if Jesus had not been crucified? What would have happened if he had lived longer? Perhaps the Romans could have been converted 300 years earlier than they were! Perhaps he could have convinced the Jews that he really was the Massiah. How would THAT have affected history? Why is the timing of a Christian festival determined by the moon? Sounds a bit pagan! Just what has chocolate got to do with it all anyway?

It is generally the weekend that sees winter's last attempt to throw something nasty at us. Unbelievably, in the UK we are more likely to have a White Easter than a White Christmas! Bing missed a trick there, I think!

From Easter onwards we are headed for summer, barbeques, hot days with a beer in the garden, cool evenings with a beer while watching the inner city riots on TV and painting toy soldiers, thunder storms which often knock out the electricity supply for half a day, spoiling viewing of riots and threatening to ruin the food in the freezers, syphoning the bath water down to the garden because it is illegal to use hosepipes.

Yes, I love Easter.


Terri said...


Rick said...

Can I come over and watch the inner city riots?

Logziella said...

Easter is my MOST favorite 'holiday'...I will probably do a post about it here soon.

As far as your "theological debate" goes...I don't have answers to many of your questions and most of them would probably have to be answered by God himself. The questions we could ask would go on and on I am sure. Most of it is a choice to accept it by faith and know that God is a loving God who had/has a great plan and it's a matter of trusting Him.

Be careful this weekend with all of your DIY house projects...please! :0)

Why are hosepipes illegal?

Ali said...

Hosepipes? I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that you mean a garden-hose. Are they illegal because of a water limit?
And all I have to say about Easter is family, food, and chocolate...mmmmmm.

amazingbrenda said...

c'mon..let's have a hosepipes party...yipee!! j/k.

I love easter as well. I hope everybody has a wonderful happy easter. I agree wit the DIY projects. Maybe just maybe we might get to finishing painting. haha.

Logziella said...

Haven't heard from you yet...I sure hope you weren't a DIY victim...:0)

John said...

I'm back!

Hosepipe = garden hose - well done Ali!

The use of garden hoses tends to become illegal in the summer as our reserves of water go down. Personally I would make dishwashers illegal as I am sure they use far more water than gets sprayed on our gardens!

Hosepipe party - when our kids were smaller, every summer evening was a party (until the bans came in of course) as the kids would spray each other while doing the plants.

Rick - I think you are really Clement Freud, aren't you? If you do not know who he is, he is one of the funniest people on British radio.