Thursday, April 26, 2007


On Sunday, we visited a small town near to where we live. It is not far away but we have never felt the urge to go there, so it was a new experience for us. Luckily my SIL lives near there, so we had been able to get some directions.

We arrived safely on the train and soon found the High Street and small Mall. My daughter immediately realised that this place had all she needed for the shopping spree that she is planning on for her birthday next month. Also a couple of computer game shops to keep the boys interested so it all looked good.

Then hunger set in. We had been told that there was a KFC there, but had been unable to find it. A quick call to the SIL gave us directions - right at the train station, under the bridge and onto the industrial park. Off we went.

On arrival in the industrial park, our immediate thought was that we were in the wrong place. Still, let's keep going, might be different around the corner. 10 minutes later, and we were starting to feel like we were in a Zombie movie, the industrial units were becoming increasingly desolate and surely cannot house proper businesses, only creatures that want to eat our brains!

Then we saw it - the distant sign for Carpet Warehouse. KFC is surely close to that! On we went, our hopes rising, closer and closer, we could almost smell the chicken.

Then our hopes were dashed. Between us and what we realised was a Trading Park (surely what the SIL meant!) was a 12 foot high fence.

The kids were stricken. Did this mean we had to go all the way back? Yes, I thought so.

But then feminine logic steped in. My wife said that there was no way that the hundreds of men working here will take the long way around when they want food. They would make a gap in the fence by whatever means necessary. As a now very hungry man, I agreed with this. In fact I was ready to chew my way through the damn fence myself!

A couple of minutes scouting and we found it - a huge, well trodden path through the fence, between the workers and their food supply. Yay for feminine logic!

KFC found, we all stuffed our faces until we could nolonger move. A reward that was all the more appreciated because of the fun we had finding it. I had trouble convincing the kids that getting lost was NOT MY FAULT (see earlier blog on this). We were going where we had been told to go. This almost worked, until on the return journey we found that we had gone under the wrong bridge. My reputation was in ruins again.


Terri said...

I'm afraid you're going to have to work hard to shake the directionally-challenged label you've been given!

Logziella said...

Your wife sounds extremely intelligent! Great thinking on her part there. Sounds like a fun family adventure.


John said...

Terri - I think I am stuck with it. I know how Leanard Nimoy must feel. No matter what he is still Spock.

Logzie - Yes, my wife is very intelligent and perceptive. It was fun in its way, expecially when I got talking about Zombie movies. KFC is my all time favourite junk food...

Ali said...

What can I say - a woman's intuition will always be stronger (and much more accurate) than a man's sense of direction.

Sorry John, it's not even a contest. ;)

John said...

Ali, I have known this for many years. It is a lesson that many men could benefit from learning...

Logziella said...

Ladies...I think John could teach a class to other men..."How to be a real man".

He cooks, he seems to understand women, and he takes on the Mr. Mom role when necessary.

What a guy! :0)