Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why are people so DUMB???!

Today I intend to be very unreasonable and uncharitable about humans. Why? Because too many people are just plain DUMB and I am getting sick and tired of stupid idiots nearly killing me and/or generally bringing down the tone of the neighbourhood.

Case Number 1

I went into the local shop last night. I have mentioned it before, being run by a really nice family from Sri Lanka. They get a lot of racist c$%p thrown at them on a daily basis.

As I went in, some teenagers were coming out. They were not happy. The guy in the shop told me the story. They were clearly under 18 and wanted to buy cigarettes. To do this they had "borrowed" some ID. What they had been too dumb to work out was that the ID only indicated that they were 17! Dumb?

Case Number 2

Imagine the scene. You are driving along a narrow road - one so narrow, in fact, that passing cars often clip each other's mirrors (there are bits all along the road as proof of this!). You come up behind a cyclist. There is another car coming the other way. Do you:

  1. Wait until the car has passed you before overtaking the cyclist?

  2. Move to overtake the cyclist in the hope that the other car will stop to let you through? If they don't stop you still have the option of side-swiping the cyclist into the bushes.

  3. Slam your foot to the floor and try to get past the cyclist before the other car gets in the way.

OK, now I know that my readers are all intelligent, sensible people (why else would you be reading my blog?) so you will clearly choose option 1. However, in my experience, many people out there will choose options 2 or 3, and it is beginning to wear very thin. I have taken to venting my spleen at them, shouting and making gestures. Not that they care, of course, they probably go home and laugh about the nutty cyclist that they passed on the way home.

Ah well. Maybe I should have added a Bazooka to my Christmas list...

That would make them think twice!


Ali said...

I agree, people are dumb.
Here is one for you...a girl at my work came in this morning and told us that she had stuck a Q-tip so far in her ear (because it felt good) that she had lost the cotton end inside her ear.
She spent yesterday in the ER and has to go to another hospital today.

mr zig said...

I feel your rage... and I was gonna come write a comment, and then I saw Ali wrote pretty much what I was going to write about... I laughed so hard I had to use my inhaler!

Rock Chef said...

Ali - that is dumb! Still I am sure it gave the ER guys a bit of light relief...

Zig - needing the inhaler is good, but not quite as good as puking like your poor wife did. Ali and I will have to work on our double-act, I think!

krista said...

I've wanted to ride my bike to work (in the summer) for a long time but I'm scared of the exact things you were saying. I've seen people do that here too (and the roads are WIDE). I don't think I'll be riding a bike anytime soon and not just because winter is coming either. I'm sorry they've been trying to run you off the road. You're making me worry about you now!

Jen said...

My father has been a cyclist for over 30 years now. He has totally lost faith in passing automobiles.

The husband is now a racing cyclist (strictly a hobby). When I go with him, we deal with the same exact thing - except we don't have narrow streets. I think sometimes they try to see how close they can come to hitting us. And laugh as they screech their horn.

Lucky for us, we know some police officers who cycle as well. If we get their license plates they'll go to these peoples homes and give 'em a chat.

P.S. The husband works in the ER as well, I have a load of dumbness I could share . . . .

Terri said...

Yes, people are DUMB. I see it every day. I talk to people all day long who just don't "get it." And all they really need to do is read a few instructions, but that takes too much time or something. Also, drivers, in general are rude.

Marie said...

I totally agree - people are dumb.

Kiki said...

Get an air horn...use it liberally, its legal and it will give the drivers a shock!! As for people...I enjoy that they are used as fodder for your blog, it somehow balances the universe. heehee. I have, on occasion, taken pics of licence plates of people who have cut me off, or tailgated me, etc, I wouldn't recommend it for a cyclist though. Stay safe out there, and take care.

Chris said...

In my profession, I see dumb people every day.
Sometimes, it's even the patients.;)

Logziella said...

I'm with Kiki...get an airhorn! That would be great!!

But, yes, now I will be worrying about you!!

kenady said...

Love this post!! Especially the cartoon... LOL!

If I got started on the dumb factor we could all be here forever:)

I'm with Kiki too... an airhorn sounds like a perfect solution to the car issue!!

Be safe out there:)