Friday, October 12, 2007


This is a little Meme that I thought up while walking Custard.

You are stranded on a desert island, like Tom Hanks in Castaway, and 10 items have been washed up with you. What are they? You cannot choose anything that will prevent you being stranded, ie no helicopters, PCs with Internet access, etc.

My answers are in red.
  1. A solar powered DVD player with one movie - what is the movie? The Lord of the Rings.

  2. A solar powered CD player and 1 music CD - what is on the CD? "In your Honour", Foo Fighters.

  3. A huge crate filled with a single food item that will not go bad, eg potatoes, steak, chocolate - what is the food? Potatoes, you can do so much with them!

  4. A huge crate filled with a type of drink - what is it? Coke!

  5. A book - which book? "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett.

  6. A piece of furniture - what is it? A really nice bed.

  7. A picture - what is it? One of our wedding photos.

  8. A piece of clothing in addition to what you were wearing - what is it? A nice thick towelling robe.

  9. A box containing everything you need to learn a new skill - what is the skill? Playing the piano.

  10. One more crate is washed up - what is in it? Cooking equipment.

Well? What about you?


Logziella said...

I must say, you have some good answers there. I will steal some of yours.

Here's mine:

1. Chronicles of Narnia...not that it's my FAV movie but a movie that I could watch over and over and see something I didn't see last time. Therefore I would not get bored of it too quickly.

2. Amazing God by the Tommee Profitt Band.

3. I agree with you on the potatoes!

4. Pepsi!!

5. The Bible

6. Awesome idea with the bed.

7. A family picture

8. a swimsuit...a bikini in fact since there will be nobody else there!

9. How to make 101 different dishes using only potatoes.

10. I agree about the cooking equipment.

Good one!!

Kiki said...

1. Sliding Doors
2. U2 (complilation) or a dance mix.
3. Potatoes, even though I want to say chocolate, but you are right, you can make so many thing with potatoes.
4. Sweet Tea (I live in the South, it runs through the veins)
5. The Bible (good one Logzie)
6. A hammock
7. One of my wedding photos too, because it would have Ken, the love, and my daddy, who passed away.
8. White cotton dress
9. Snorkeling ( so I can catch fish)
10. I stick with yours and say cooking equipment.

Ali said...

1. The Hot Chick - I never quit laughing at that stupid movie.
2. The Fratellis, Costello Music - one pumped up cd which makes me infinitely happy.
3. Steak - I think it's my all time favourite food...mmmm.
4. Pepsi or Coke - whatevs.
5. The DaVinci Code - I never get sick of that book.
6. A big comfy bed is the best idea - ever!
7. Something from my wedding which includes my family and some of my friends, with all the new friends I've made faces glued in the background.
8. A comfy sweatsuit - warm, sunny island or not, I know myself, and I'm bound to get cold.
9. A gardening kit - complete with soil, materials to build a small greenhouse, and seeds to plant veggies, to go with all my steak.
10. My 6 favourite people in the world, and one of them just happens to have a solar powered Forman grill with them.

Terri said...

1. When Harry Met Sally
2. 3 Doors Down - Away From the Sun
3. Eggo Homestyle Waffles
4. Diet Coke
5. Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult
6. A big couch with the reclining sections
7. The family picture
8. A hooded sweatshirt
9. How to snowboard (because this is a fantasy after all, and who cares if I'm stranded on an island and there's no mountain or snow in sight!)
10. The camera of my dreams

Rock Chef said...

Glad you liked this!

Logzie - Narnia is a good one too! That book sounds good too. Does it exist or should you start writing it?

Kiki - Snorkelling - great idea!

Ali - I think that having 6 people in a crate is cheating, but I will let you get away with it, especially as I am suspecting (hoping) that the guy with the George Forman is me?

Terri - Waffles? Well I guess they are potatoes really! Snowboarding is hilarious! Maybe your island is in Alaska, or maybe you have got really big sand dunes that do the trick!

Ali said...

You're right! It IS you!
Oh that's funny, I didn't think you'd figure that.

Rock Chef said...

Yes, I managed to put 2 and 2 together...

Logziella said...

am confused about your comment on the book...

The Bible?

Rock Chef said...

Sorry, I was referring to the 101 things to do with potatoes, which was your skill not your book!

I can see your concern!

Logziella said...

Ah...I was thinking maybe you got it mixed up with the CD but even that didn't work...I didn't think about the Potatoes! Ha!!!! :0)

kenady said...

Better late than never...

1. The Color Purple
(a movie I could watch over and over)
2. U2... The Joshua Tree
3. Pringles (a close second is trail mix)
4. Diet Coke!!!
5. Harry Potter (any of the series...could read over and over and still get something new out of them)
6. futon... a couch for the day and a bed for the night (of course all of the sheets will come with it...)
7. A family photo... one that contains all the children, the hubby, the dog, my folks, rob's folks, etc.
8. oversize GAP sweatshirt (in the color yellow of course)
9. Developing my own film
10. I liked the idea of 6 friends, but since it's not a qualifying answer, I will have to say... everything you need to survive on a deserted island... boos, friends, etc:)

What a fun exercise! Thanks for that:)