Monday, October 15, 2007

An Interview with Mother Nature

There has been a lot of talk about Global Warming in recent years - the world is warming up, the ice caps are melting, weather systems are changing, we are going to destroy THE WORLD.

All sorts of people have expressed their views, from raging hippies to politicians to owners of oil companies - each has his view, each puts his spin on what is going on. But so far, no one has asked the person at the centre of it all - Mother Nature.
So, in the interests of getting a wider view on events, I went out and found her....
Me: Hello, thank you for agreeing to this interview.
Mother Nature: Yeah, whatever.
Me: The theory of Global Warming is causing a lot of discussion and concern amongst humans. Can you comment on the different views? Who is right?
Mother Nature: Well I get hot and cold flushes from time to time, but what woman doesn't?
Me: So it is not caused my Human action?
Mother Nature: Well those little rats get me a bit hot under the collar sometimes, but nah, most of the time I don't notice they are there.
Me: So Global Warming is not going to destroy you, then?
Mother Nature: Destroy me? Are you kidding? I like a bit of a suntan, don't you?
Me: Well yes, but there are theories that if the earth continues to warm up, life as we know it may be virtually wiped out...
Mother Nature: Oh, sure, you humans might have it a bit rough, but hey, you've had it coming to you haven't you? Besides, I like a change of outfit from time to time, you understand? I like a bit of variety. Maybe it's time for the insects to have a go at being in charge, what do you think? They like it hot.
Me: So that is it? Humans are out?
Mother Nature: Could be! Who knows what the next fashion could be? I've put up with you for 10,000 years! I've treated you pretty well, I think, given you more chances than you deserved but now you are starting to piss me off,so if you don't mind, I've got things to do...
So there you have it. Come in, Human Race, your time is up! Mother Nature, meanwhile, has plans for the future.


James said...

Good one John...yep best not annoy Mother Nature.

Marie said...

This is really good. Well done for putting the message across in such an entertaining way.

Terri said...

I love this! I could never dream up such an interview and I love how you've made a very important point with a humorous spin to it.

P.S. I tagged you. It’s fun. It’s easy. Check out what you need to do here:

Logziella said...

Very creative!

Princess of the Universe said...

I loved this.

Rock Chef said...

James - There was a wonderful line on Gardener's Question Time (Radio 4): If you throw Mother Nature out of the door, she will come back in through the window armed with a pitchfork!

Marie - Glad you liked it.

Terri - Thanks for the tag - will follow up later today.

Logzie - I thought so too.

Princess - Royal Approval too! Is there a little crest that I can have?

mindy said...

Mother Nature has a bit of an attitude doesn't she? Can't say I blame her, though...