Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is my dog, Custard.
As you can see, he is devilishly handsome, rather like his owner :-)
In the background of the picture above, you can see his bed that is in our sitting room. My wife made it from an old wooden bunk bed. The headboard is now the back and the foot board is now the 2 sides. My wife is very clever like that! He has a variety of different covers that go on his cushion. I think he is rather spoilt, don't you?

He will be 2 years old just before Christmas.

He is extremely friendly to everyone except cats and teenagers in hoodies, which we think is a good thing!
When he sees a dog in the distance he lies down and waits for it to either go away or come over and say hello. This is generally a good thing unless you are in a hurry or it is pouring with rain!
My children utterly adore him and he can do no wrong in their eyes. This means that when I am cooking and Custard decides that the best place for a snooze is spread out on the kitchen floor, I get told off by the kids if I use my foot to encourage him to move. It is not like I kick him or anything, I just slide him along until he is not in the way!
Although Labradors have a reputation for chewing things up, Custard only destroys things that he knows are his. He has a lot of toys and these live in his toy box. Did I mention that he is spoilt?
Custard loves to cuddle, and loves to curl up on someone's lap (quite a feat given his size) or to be held like a baby with his legs up in the air (again, quite a feat...)
Custard is quite a fussy eater and will only eat things that he likes - we often have to add something nice to his dinner to get him to eat it, otherwise he will happily leave it for a couple of days! We use our George Forman grill quite a lot, so he tends to get the juice and fat from that poured over his food...

So there you are - my dog, Custard!


Ali said...

Aw man - he is such a cutie! Ahem, I mean devilishly handsome - like his owner - of course ;)

Seriously, that is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. And I love that he lies down and waits for other dogs to make the first move, that's hilarious! My dog used to drag me towards every other dog at high speeds...

Terri said...

Ah, yes! He's fantastic! And devilishly handsome - like his owner! He doesn't seem spoiled to me at all. Isn't that the way all pet owners deal with their pets?

Jen said...

Rock Custard!

What a great dog! Isn't it fantastic how they too have their own personalities? Dogs are a great. Unconditional love.

Logziella said...

What a cutie pie!!!! I think it's hilarious that he waits until you give him something "special" in his food dish before he will eat it!! I have never known a dog to do that!

In fact, Grover is such a glutton that one time when he was a puppy I had left an unopened bag of Eukeneuba (very expensive dog food that was given to us by the vet)on the basement stairs and he ate thru the bag and proceeded to eat literally about 1/2 the bag until his belly was so bloated and he literally could barely move! I came home and at first could not figure out what had happened to him...I could visably see how big he was! Then I found the bag of food 1/2 gone and put it together.

Thanks for sharing Custard with us!

Rock Chef said...

Ali - Custard will only pull to see a couple of his old friends, but still lays down when he gets to them.

Terri - How many dogs do you know that have their own hand made bed in the sittingroom, now moved so that it is in front of the radiator? Can't have him getting cold, can we?

Jen - I think that is why I prefer dogs to cats!

Logzie - Custard is so good we keep the open food sack right next to his bowls. I have never known a dog like him. My mom used to have a golden Spaniel that was a total blutton - one Christmas he openned the fridge and ate the remains of our turkey. Next morning he was laying on his back with a huge stomach and stayed like that for most of the day! Served him right!

mr zig said...

Custard is awesome! - I love the he sits and waits for other dogs! My dog either ignores them completely, or does what ali's dog used to do... drag me towards them at high speeds

Kiki said...

I wish I was brave enough to own a dog, Custard looks so sweet...I was bit by a friends dog when in high school and ever since then I act like Custard and freeze at the sight of a dog. Its awful!!! How did Custard get his name?

Rock Chef said...

Zig - I have a terrible feeling that one day the other dog will not be nice (see a previous blog about Rottweillers!) and I will have to fight the dog off while Custard rolls onto his back!

Kiki - My daughter came up with it. When we got him he was just a ball of yellow fluff and fat. We wanted a name that suggested his colour and went through a few ideas. Mustard was a firm favourite until my daughter suggested Custard. It stuck immediately. Some people think it is odd, while others ask where Rhubarb is... I am sure you would get over your fear if you met Custard. I would work on it, dogs are great - well, most are anyway!

amazingbrenda said...

That's a cool looking dog. Love his bed. Your wife gets a pat in the back for doing such a god job.

Btw, we ate Chineese yesterday & left overs today. Your post made my mouth water even more, so we had to get go.

Logziella said...

Grover actually did that once!! We were walking along one day and a big ole German Shepard came out and cornered's mouth was foaming and he was growling...I hid behind Chuck and Grover hid behind me!! Thankfully the owner noticed and called him dog off. Ha!!

Jahooni said...

Cute Cute the name too. Suits him perfectly.
My dog is cute and only 9 months old and he digs holes in the back yard and tears up my daughter's toys, how can I remedy this? Buy him his own bed and toy box????

kenady said...

You gotta love labs. We have a chocolate lab named Bailey. Wanna talk about spoiled? She has her own room under the stairs (my nieces and nephews think she is the dog version of Harry Potter). A sweeter pooch you could never find... loves everyone and everything. Bailey would lick an intruder to death before attacking. She is fantastic with the kids. And is definitely a member of our family. She's actually lying right next to me rigt now, snoring and twitching.

Marie said...

He's really cute. Great bed too!