Thursday, May 10, 2007

Potato Peelers

Many people seem to have an object that they have a bad relationship with. My daughter loses ear rings at an incredible rate. Some always seem to need a new watch while most of us only have fleeting relationships with pens before they either vanish or stop working long before they run out of ink. Mmy kids seem to have the same problem with memory cards for the PlayStation :-(

My personal problem is with potato peelers. I quite enjoy peeling potatoes but I like to do it sitting on the sofa, watching TV, with the peel going into a plastic bag that is on my lap. Like this I can happily work away doing potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc without feeling that I am missing out.

So what is wrong with this? Well, nothing really, until the NEXT TIME I want to do some peeling. I can't find the peeler, where is it? I search the drawers and racks in search of the peeler, but it is nowhere to be found. Then the light goes on. I must have thrown it away with the peel. So next time we go shopping I buy a new one, which, sure as eggs is eggs, I promptly throw away a week or so later.

Why is this? It is not deliberate, and I have done it so many times that you would think I would have learnt by now! But no. Sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like it Hot", where she keeps falling in love with saxophone players, even though she knows they will dump her and break her heart (again). I keep buying new peelers and then throw them out with the peel.

Any suggestions for a cure? Anyone else do something like this?


Chris said...

You need to attach the peeler to a string, then to your pants.

When I was young, I used to have strings on my mittens so I wouldn't lose them. They were known as "idiot strings."

John said...

That is it! I need an Idiot String!

Thanks Chris!

krista said...

Ali and I were thinking that you'd be the sexist man alive, John! Girls would walk by and say "Whoa! Look at the peeler on that guy!"

amazingbrenda said...

lol....whoah...look at the potato peeler on that guy...riding his bike. I can totally picture it. I know u won't actually do this but it's so funny.

Should we stock up on potato peelers for Christmas? We'll be more than happy to send you a box...we can even attach the idiot strings j/k..sorry I mean the reminder strings to it. Should we remind u to get a peeler when going to the store? haha. j/k

John said...

Of course, I would have to be careful not to have a peeler that was too flashy - it would look like I was overcompensating ;-)

Ali said...

LOL! You need your peeler to say "I'm cool, and secure enough in my manhood not to need a flashy, jewel encrusted peeler."
I suggest something in a camo...

(oh, I'm getting all flushed just thinking about it) ;)

John said...

I think we should market this as the latest accessory for the well adjusted, domesticated man, alongside, perhaps, a t-shirt that says "All this and I know how to use a washing machine too!"

There, Ali, an idea for your next freelance article!

Ali said...

LOL - fantastic! I will propose the idea the next chance I get!