Thursday, May 03, 2007

A peek inside my head…

Thought I would pick this up from Terri!

1. What is the stupidest mistake you have ever made with money? Don’t know, I don’t normally get to do stupid things with money!

2. Do you think taxes are unfair or do you think it’s your civic duty? They are my duty, but I do wish they were spent more sensibly!

3. Do you take risks and possibly turn your life upside down for new opportunity? Nope. Steady and plodding, that is me.

4. Are you the alpha in your household? (Include pets) Absolutely not. My wife has final say in all matters.

5. Do you compromise with your significant other or does someone always get their way? If one of us feels strongly about something then they get their way. I don’t think we have ever had strong disagreements about anything, so compromise does not rally come into it.

6. What curse word do you use most often? Twat, usually directed at someone in a car.

7. Do you easily change your mind or are you dead set on most issues? I like to see the facts and make my own decisions. Once I have decided I am then quite hard to shift.

8. What famous person would you like to trade places with for one week? Bono. I would donate ALL of his money to ending world poverty.

9. If you could go back in time and tell one person off, who would it be and what would you say? I would go back and change the way the doctors treated my daughter’s illness.

10. Were you a good student or did you do just enough to get by? Varied, depending on how much I liked the subject and teacher, but I think I was reasonably good.

11. If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out on their own, what would you tell them? Find love and happiness.

12. Are people basically good and honest or are most people opportunistic and predatory? Sadly I think the majority of people are opportunistic and predatory, just out for themselves.

13. Is there somebody you wish you could go back and apologize to? No. Those that deserve an apology have already had it!

Hm, that dug deeper than I expected it to. Anyone else?


krista said...

You are SO right on #11 Find Love and Happiness. There is nothing else, they are the MOST important things in life.

Terri said...

#11 - GREAT answer. If everyone did that, think of the repercussions.

John said...

What, if everyone looked for love and happiness? We would live in some hellish hippy utopia! Wow, should I start my own religion?

Terri said...

I'd join!

John said...

OK, I will work on it...

Ali said...

John! Where are you? I hope everything is okay, but I'm feeling selfish. Come back soon!

Logziella said...

Yes...I am worried about you too!!

Terri said...

Count me in among the worriers!

amazingbrenda said...

Thumbs up 7up.