Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Favourite things from childhood

I enjoyed reading these lists by Terri and Logziella, so here is mine.

1. The way that summer never seemed to end.
2. A drink called Cresta - catchphrase "It's frothy, man".
3. Running through piles of dead leaves in the autumn.
4. Playing with toy soldiers. Oh, I still do that!
5. Trying to climb a huge tree near where I lived. I must have been the only kid for miles around that never managed it. Then it fell down in a storm.
6. Riding the large tricycle that I had. I was so sad when I grew too big for it. I was forced to learn to ride a 2 wheeler!
7. When my aunt visited and made her wonderful fruit cake.
8. The little bag of biscuits and sweets that my grandfather used to give us each day. He had suffered terrible hunger and hardship as a child and was obsessed with making sure we were all well-fed.
9. Building camps out of grass on a field near where I lived.
10. Trying to skip stones on the sea. I must have been 20 before I mastered that one!
11. Making pictures with those sets of rub-down transfers.
12. A small bear that I had when I was very young. I carried him everywhere until I was 3, and gave him to my grandmother when I was taken to say goodbye to her when she was dying of cancer. I remember telling her that the bear would look after her. It was the last time I saw either of them and no-one knows what happened to the bear. I like to think he was buried with my grandmother.

That is enough for now!


Logziella said...

Oh yah, #1...the summer seemed SO long and when I went back to school everyone seemed to look different, more grown up...HA, it had only been 3 months! Funny!

amazingbrenda said...

I remember some of this as a kid too. funny.

Cool war game set up. Love it! I'm glad you posted those pictures. Hope to see next year's creativity. You go dude!

Terri said...

Endless summers, piles of leaves and tricycles! I remember loving those too. The more lists I read, the more memories come flooding back and I realize how much we all share in common.