Friday, May 11, 2007

A Joke!

Heard this on Boston Legal last night - love that show! I think it is a great joke, having deeper meaning than most jokes. Let me know what you think.

During a terrible storm, a town is being flooded. The last person awaiting rescue is holding onto the church spire, praying for rescue, when a man in a rowing boat comes along.

"Get in!"

"No, I am waiting for God to save me!"

The water rises higher, reaching the man's waist. A man in a motor boat comes along.

"Get in!"

"No, I am waiting for God to save me!"

The water rises even higher, to the man's neck.

A helicopter comes along.

"Get in!"

"No, I am waiting for God to save me!"

The water rises higher and the man drowns.

When he gets to heavan, the man goes to find God.

"Why are you here?" asks God.

"I was waiting for you to save me", replies the man.

"That's funny", says God, "I sent a rowing boat, a motor boat and a helicopter..."


Terri said...

I love that show! Good joke!

Logziella said...

I too love that joke and have heard it many times. But it's TRUE! People forget that God works thru PEOPLE!

Great reminder!!

Ali said...

That IS a good joke - but I don't think it compares to the snail and turtle one. ;)

amazingbrenda said...

Good one. I have heard this one too. It is a good reminder logzie.

Ali I want to hear your joke.

Ali said...

Amazing Brenda - I posted my joke (complete with a picture I drew a week or so ago) and John was the only one that didn't appreciate it for what it was.
It goes like this:
What did the snail say when it jumped on the turtle's back?


John said...

Ali - I DID appreciate it for what it was - a TERRIBLE JOKE! :-)

Sorry some of you have heard this before - it was new to me.

Ali said...

Nope - the snail and turtle joke is hilarious! Even more so now that it's 4:30am and I'm all giddy and delirious from not sleeping.
Damn my husband and his incessant snoring!

John said...

Get some ear plugs!

Ali said...

I've tried but can't sleep with ear plugs - I wish I could.
But that man can even snore on his stomach WITH a breathe right strip on his nose!
Ah well - I'm ready for the day now (complete with shoes on) and I don't even start work for two hours.