Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birthday Preparations

My daughter will be 11 tomorrow. We have bought her a few presents but her main present is a load of cash to take out on a major shopping expedition. She is such a girly-girl it is amazing, and just loves shopping for clothes, make-up (she only wears a little bit but loves the way it makes her feel) accessories.

On Friday evening she is having some friends round for dinner and a sleep-over, with snacks, movies, face-packs, nail painting, etc. Should be a blast (for her and the other girls at least!).

My wife went out and bought the party bags yesterday. My daughter made it clear that there was not to be anything baby-ish about what was bought - she is a big girl now, OK? So my wife took the Hollywood approach - the party bag is a small handbag, and inside instead of cake, sweets and a plastic kazoo there is lipstick, nail varnish, a mirror, hair bands, a bracelet, etc, etc. My daughter was stunned when she saw what was going to be given out and she is now waiting to see what her friends think when they get them.

Right now she feels a cool as Hannah Montana.

Which reminds me of a comment my daughter made the other day. Hannah Montana (if you do not know) is a girl on a TV show who is normal most of the time, but is secretly a mega pop star. Hannah is played by the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, who also plays her father in the show. One evening, we were watching one of those "Top 20 [insert word or phrase here] Songs" lists on VH1. On came Billy Ray Cyrus singing "Achy Breaky Heart", complete with terrible hair style and even worse dancing. My daughter's mouth hung open in horror. Then came the immortal words:

"Oh, that poor girl! How terrible to have a father who is THAT embarassing! I feel so sorry for her."


Ali said...

Those party bags sound pretty sweet - I wouldn't even mind getting one of those.
And I'm sure your daughter doesn't find you embarassing John...she would probably even think you were cool if you got that camo peeler we were discussing!

Logziella said...

Oh, I think your daughter and I would get along well!! I am a girly girl too.

I am with Ali, those party bags sound great...where's mine?

I bet she will have a fantastic time at her party!! Your wife has done a great job planning it!!

amazingbrenda said...

lol, that's so funny. I can just see her making that comment & the expressions on her face. haha.

That's a cool party bag I must say. Way to go mom. I think her friends are going to give her the thumbs up for the coolest mom.

May I have one of those partybags to pweeeze. I want to be like Hanna Montana. j/k. I have 2 younger sisters under the age of 10. Yeah they could be my daughters. They are totally into Hanna Montana.

John said...

I wish I could send you all a party bag!

Ali - I try not to be too embarassing, except we have a running joke between us. Because I drink fat Coke, eat cakes, sweets, etc, she says I am like Homer Simpson (without the fat). She will offer me a drink of Diet Coke, at which point (regardless of where we are) I go into a slow-motion "Nnnnooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" thing (I am sure you know what I mean). It cracks her up and the rest of the family dies of embarassment.

Logzie - I am sure you would get on great with her. I think she would be a natural scrapbooker. She currently has a thing about making cards and they are really great.

Amazingbrenda - you want to be Hannah? To tell the truth, I think having a secret identity would be great fun, wouldn't it? Hm, how about that as a blog subject? If you could have a secret identity, what would it be?

Logziella said...

My whole scrapbooking hobby really began with making cards. And I made cards still. How fun!!!

Ali said...

LOL! I can absolutely picture you doing that slow-motion "Noooooo" - it makes me laugh just thinking about it.
I'm glad that it makes her laugh too. That sounds like something my dad would do, and it's one of the reasons he's so amazing.
Good on you.

Terri said...

Sounds like a fantastic party for your daughter. She's lucky to have parents that want to do that for her. Those girls will have a blast!

Billy Ray Cyrus during his Achy-Breaky-Heart Days - Oh, I LOVED him! My daughter will watch Hannah Montana on occassion and it's so funny to see him now and remember his old persona!

I love the secret-identity blog idea! I might have to give that one a try. If I do I'll link back to you giving you credit!

krista said...

Your daughter's friends are going to be talking about her birthday party for a VERY long time! Your wife has done an awesome job! I loved doing the birthday party thing! We had a sleep over for my daughters 15th in Feb. They had a lot of fun. Ricky worked out of town that weekend! lol, not sure how he managed that. She is already planning her 16th birthday party!