Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi, everyone. Thanks for the concern, I am back again.

Last Friday my eldest came home from school with a sniffle, not feeling too good. He spent a couple of days lounging around not doing much and was fine. By Sunday evening I was starting to feel feeble.

Monday (a holiday) saw me so weak I could hardly move with a thumping headache. I put on my Troy DVD, which was fun but I don't think much went in. A couple of times my wife asked about what was going on and I did not really know!

Tuesday night I had a raging temperature and must have sweated a couple of pints.

Wednesday I felt a little better, by the afternoon I was actually painting a few toy soldiers and cooked the evening meal.

Today I have dragged myself to work, still not perfect, leaving my wife and daughter ill at home. Not a fun week!


Ali said...

I'm sorry that you are feeling so terribly and that your wife and daughter have it now...but I'm a bit relieved. I was thinking all kinds of bad things.
Kind of like when someone is supposed to be home at a certain time and then they don't show up and they don't call and all you can think is the worst?
Yeah...did I mention I have a wild imagination?
Anyways, I'm glad you're on the mend - and I'm sending feel good thoughts from me to you.

John said...

Thanks Ali - I can feel them arriving now. Look, the sun has even come out!

krista said...

Glad you're back, John! Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope that you and your family are feeling better soon.

Logziella said...

Awe man...I am sorry about all the sickness!! No fun!!

I am glad you are atleast on the mend.

I'll be praying for a quick recovery for your family.

Glad you're back!

Terri said...

Missed you John! I'm glad you're back! Feel better soon. That's an order!