Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Smile, it's Hump Day!

I went into my usual place for lunch today, a Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich - YUM! As I finished ordering the woman there asked how I was today.

"Oh, OK, I think. Things have been a bit difficult recently but we seem to be on the upward curve now."

"Well at least it is Hump Day" she says with a smile, "my husband and I like Hump Day."

I froze for a moment. My instant translation of "Hump" had been "having relations" and "being married" to use the phrases that a couple of you out there use. Was she telling me that tonight is THEIR NIGHT?! Now I know some couples settle into a sort of routine that fits with their lives, but surely you don't go telling people about it even if they have been regular customers for 3 years or more!

"Sorry?" was the best I could manage.

"Wednesday is Hump Day, didn't you know that?"


"Yep, once you are past Wednesday you are over the hump and the weekend is coming."

Gling! On came the light. Of course, it made sense now.

"Oh, I was thinking of a totally different meaning for 'hump'" came out before I could stop it.

Luckily she saw the funny side of it...


Logziella said...

I am laughing so hard! I have always known what that meant but like you...I get hung up on the word "Hump"...I think of dogs and legs!

Too funny!!

Okay, I am siting here finishing with breakfast and reading about your philly cheese steak sandwich (BTW-you and I have the same likes in food.) and I got to wondering how far apart the US and UK are timewise. Do you know off the top of your head?

Jen said...


Hilarious post.

(logziella: I believe it is a 6 hour time difference)

Terri said...

I have heard Wednesday referred to as "hump day" all my life. I got a good laugh, imagining your face as YOUR translation went through your mind!

Oh, and Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.... Yummmmmmm!

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - I think Jen is right about the time difference. We do like the same types of food - great minds think alike, I guess!

Jen - Glad you liked it.

Terri - I thought it might be a common phrase on your side of the pond, which made it seem worse!

Logziella said...

Thanks Jen! you all are home eating dinner now. Wow.

mr zig said...

hehehe - I remember the first time I told someone that it was hump day - they thought along the same lines as you did, but were very open about it... they said, "Why do you only have sex with your wife once a week!?"

Ali said...

Hahahahahahaha! Pervy Pervison!
I would have died laughing right there in that shop - and even though I know what "hump" day means, I still giggle like a 5 year old every time someone says it.

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - I expect so!

Zig - Of course, I am too polite to say anything like that!

Ali - Hopefully you will be even worse now!

Jay Gray said...

I have never been a "Hump Day" fan and hate it when people say that to me.