Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Kenady has kindly given me an AWARD:

I was really pleased to get this for a number of reasons.
Firstly it is good to know that people read and enjoy my blog.
SecondlyI love emus - they are such strange looking creatures with real attitude. If I had a big enough place I would have a pet one.
Finally, emus remind me of my childhood.

This is Rod Hull and Emu. I don't know how famous they are overseas, but any Brit who is older than around 25 will recognise them. At the peak of their fame they went on prime-time chat shows and repeatedly attacked the presenters - as a child it was amazing to see such pillars of the establishment as Michael Parkinson cringe in the face of a puppet:

before being physically assaulted:

Ah, they don't make TV like that anymore!

Now I have to give this award to someone else! Let's see:

Ali's blog is always one of the first I read each day, and is now compulsory reading as the Butterbean Countdown continues!

I always pay homage to the Princess of the Universe.

I also love reading Mindy Does Minneapolis, mainly because she continually fails to live up to the trashiness that she seems to promise!


stupidtom said...

that guy scares me. his hair is the same style as his puppet.

Rock Chef said...

It is even more scarey when you see him in action! Thanks for visiting!

mindy said...

Awww, thanks.

And I'll see what I can do about that trashiness factor! ;-)

Princess of the Universe said...

Yay! An award!! Thanks so much!! :)

Ali said...

Oh John - yay! Thank you!
Your blog is one of my first stops every day too :)
I'll try to be better about posting for you though, so a new one is there for when you are up in the morning and I am still snug as a bug.

Rock Chef said...

Mindy - Don't try too hard, you might shock me!

Princess - My pleasure!

Ali - Thanks for that thought, I have found it hard enough to get up in the mornings as it is! Still, I will be at home with my feet up while you are still hard at work, so I guess it evens up.

amazingbrenda said...

Emus, that reminds me of one of the wiggles songs in their DVD.
The guy is funny looking I must say. Emus are funny looking too.
I am back btw, it's been really really busy, I do have a long blog saved on my drafts...I need to download a couple more pictures to my mac & then I can add them to my blog. Maybe tomorrow I'll have a book i mean a blog.;-)

Jahooni said...

Congrats! I want one for a pet too...

Rock Chef said...

Amazingbrenda - My elder daughter used to LOVE the Wiggles - never grew out of them! Looking forward to your blog update.

Jahooni - I think they would be interesting pets - do you think you can eat the eggs? Can you eat Emu if the breed?

Terri said...

Rod Hull & Emu look familiar. I must have seen them on t.v. at some point, but don't really remember the show. Looks like they were a funny duo!

Rock Chef said...

Terri - I don't know how much impact they made overseas. I can imagine that they appeared on a few chat shows, um, let's say "a few years ago". In their prime they were very funny.