Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Product Names

I have seen a lot of things over the years that discuss how a product name that is used successfully in one country has failed terribly in another country because the name already means something else in the new country. Examples of this are a drink whose name translated as "urine" or a car whose name translated as "small penis".

"Hey baby, you wanna see my car? I've got a small penis!"

No, doesn't work, does it?

Anyway, I was in one of the posher shops in town today when I was confronted by a huge display of these:

and their friends. Now I am not a coffee drinker and the smell of strong coffee makes me feel ill. So imagine my mirth when I read the name: GAGGIA.

Now where I come from, "gagging" is that feeling you get in your throat just before you vomit! What a great name! I wonder if they know that the name of their product suggests vomitting? Perhaps it is a marketing ploy aimed at models who are trying to fit into size 0 dresses?

Who can tell?


Terri said...

Yeah! Wasn't it the Chevy Nova that didn't make it in Mexico because "Nova" in Spanish means "It won't go" ???

Logziella said...

Hey now!! I LOVE coffee!! LOL!!

Great point though...wish I could think of more...

Kiki said...

There is a game that has become popular here in the country, but the name for it is also a dirty act. When people talk about the game I have to walk away b/c its weird to hear it spoken of.

As for size 0, you know that some designers make a 00. That's a lot of pressure, maybe I need to invest in the Gaggia machine as a weight loss plan. Hahahahaha!

mindy said...

I bet it's pronounced "Gaaaah-jee-ah" or something fancy like that. They should spell it Gaaaahjeeah then, though, huh?

Chris said...

The worst product name ever is a bread here called "Melena."

Melena is when you have bloody stools. Mmmmmm.

kenady said...

Very intersting... I'm trying to think of some other products but am drawing a blank.

Rock Chef said...

Terri - yes, that is a great one!

Logzie - well there has to be something we can disagree on!

Kiki - Now I am trying to work out what it is!

Mindy - I bet they won't sell you one if you can't pronounce it properly!

Chris - That is terrible!

Kenady - let us know if you think of any!

James said...

I never forgave "them" for renaming Marathon bars (Snickers)
Opal Fruits (Starburst)
and Jif (Cif)

Rock Chef said...

James - I am with you there - I hate it when they do that! Will we have to refight the Battle of Snickers at the SOA in a few years time? :-)

Um Naief said...

that's funny.

i love coffee myself and one of the best parts is the smell.

have you ever tried iced coffee or frozen frapps or anything? sometimes they're a lot better.