Thursday, September 13, 2007


Inspired by Ali's post on this subject, thought I would add to the discussion.

Leaving the seat up. What is the big deal here? It is up or it is down. Set it how you want it when you arrive, do not expect someone else to pre-empt who will arrive next and how they will want it. Nobody complains when they switch on the TV and find it is not on the channel they wanted, do they? They just turn over. The same logic should apply to toilet seats!

Worst toilets. These must be some that I found in Malta. At first I thought they were great, as there was an attendant there who kept things clean and clearly prevented graffiti and vandalism. The I went into the cubicle (hey this door is pretty low), shut the door and sat down. Hm, the top of the door was only just above head level. Oh well, on with the task in hand. Then the attendant started talking to me. Nice day, where are you from? Oh, I have got a sister in Kent, blah, blah, blah. As he is talking I notice his voice is getting louder. Looking up I see he is standing right there, looking at me over the top of the door! What is he, a politician or something (woo, satire!). Luckily at some point he took the hint that I was not going to chat to him in that situation and retreated, allowing me the scant privacy that the stupid little door offered! So, if you go to Malta, watch out!

As for British public toilets, they tend to be totally disgusting, having all sorts of stuff on the floor and walls (use your imagination, it will not be worse that the reality!) plus the added joys of discarded needles and the occasional bit of p0rn - I always check before the kids go in - those that will actually use them, that is!

Star Wars - an alternative scene inspired by Ali's response to the above.

Princess Leia: You could not turn Luke to The Dark Side and you will not turn me!

Darth Vader: Well I suppose you must be right. Another drink?

Princess Leia: No thanks, I have had enough already. Where is the toilet in this place, I need to pee.

Darth Vader: Out of the door, second on the left.


Darth Vader: Yes, give in to your ang - OW, NO, SWEET JESUS HELP ME, AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!


Ali said...

I'm sorry, but I absolutely HATE when guys leave the seat up. I know most men have the argument that "well it's never up for me when I go in".
Thank god I've never had this issue with the husband, he has always immediately put the seat down, but I've had some screaming matches with my brother when I will refuse to touch the toilet seat, and force him to come from wherever he is and put it down after he's been in there.
The whole thing for me is that it's gross to touch the seat, and for the most part, men seem to have terrible aim, usually resulting in "splashing" so I just appreciate it if the seat is put down after they are finished.

Rock Chef said...

Wow, Ali, great reply! Love the way you started with "I'm sorry but" and then launched into something that almost burnt off my eyebrows! But you are going to wash your hands afterwards anyway (I hope) so does it really matter if you touch it? WE have to touch it if we want to lift it up...

(Better duck under the desk now.)

[From under desk] Hope we are still friends? ;-)

krista said...

What about when you forget to look and all of a sudden your butt is touching water instead of seat!!! Not fun. Luckly, Ricky and Jesse both put the seat down.
Loved the Star Wars skit!

Rock Chef said...

Ew, just how far up does the water come, over there? If you touched the water over here you would need the Fire Brigade to cut you out!

Glad you liked the Star Wars bit!

Logziella said...

I'm with Krista on the "falling in" a.k.a. butt touching the water. That's a little bit too close for me thank you. And YES, I have done it! the middle of the night.

Ali said...

I just nearly peed my pants, never mind making a mess in the bathroom. I loved the addition of the Star Wars skit - yay for me getting to be Princess Leia!

Sorry if my previous response was a bit...harsh...but I feel very strongly about it. And yes I wash my hands (please see #7 on my post), however touching someone else's urine is pretty gross.

How would you feel about flushing a urinal after someone else peed all over his hands then flushed and left the handle dripping? Pretty gross hey?

And yes :) of course we are still friends - love ya John!

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - You have done that too? Wow, I just can't imagine that really happening!

Ali - Yeah, it is all pretty gross I must agree. Maybe I will have second thoughts from now on and try to lower the seat. Who knows, I might get to visit you some day so I would benefit from getting into the habit! Love ya too.

Terri said...

I have never fallen in the toilet! Eeew. I'm not sure how that happens. Don't you have to look before you sit?

Logziella said...

Terri-Chuck and Logan always put the seat back...I trained them right! But...I think it was sometime when we had company overnight and someone left it up and yes, I fell in!