Friday, September 14, 2007

Thank Crunchie it's Friday!!!!

I never thought this week would end, but it has at last!

Our weekends are often total chaos and tend to be over before I realise they have started!

Anyway, this weekend I hope to:
  • Give my son his first bass guitar lesson. Still unsure which one to start him on, 4 strings or 5 strings. Will probably try him with 5 strings first, but we will see.
  • Get out some soldiers and try out a couple of new sets of rules that I have got hold of. Both look like a lot of fun!
  • I will probably make some more bagels on Sunday - a big batch this time!
  • See if we can get to Broadstairs for a day - there is a games shop there that is having a Star Wars day soon, with storm troopers, David Prowse (the actor who played Darth Vader) and also the guy who was inside R2D2, the little droid, and I want to check out the date.
  • Decide it Rock Chef will put in an entry for that contest that Jay Grey gave me the link to.

So, looks like a pretty busy weekend, to me, as everyone else will have their own ideas about what should be happening...

Have a good one yourselves, and please, no disasters, traumas, falling down toilets, etc, etc.


Logziella said...

I SO think you should submit some ROCK CHEF for this!!!!! You would totally win...the idea is so original and that's what stands out!

If you get to New York, Chuck & I will come see you! Isn't that reason enough? :0)

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Princess of the Universe said...

Can you get me Darth Vader's autograph!?!

Kate said...

first time visiting - love your blog; linked to it through logziella. always nice to read a guys' perspective on things (like toilet seats - ha ha).

i'll be back ;)

James said...

Enjoy your weekend John. Spare a thought for those of us working 13 hour 20 minute shifts.... by the way I eventually found the adaptor cable for my camera-check my wargames blog.

amazingbrenda said...

crunchie munchie...give me some bagels, haha. I agree you should submit some, I think you will rock at it. Got nothing to loose right.

BTW, school of rock sounds great, I like that movie btw, althoug this is not about the, baking bagels, that's cool that you made some. Maybe you should send me some. I love bagels & they don't sell them here. What the what!!! What's wrong with this country, hehe. You rock dude!

Rock Chef said...

Logzie - thanks for the encouragement - I will see if I can get myself organised to enter the competition. I would love to meet you and Chuck - and the KIDS, don't leave them out!

Princess - are you a Star Wars fan? If so, what else do you like - Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? Alien movies? Bad Scifi movies? Galaxy Quest?

Kate - good to see you, glad you like my blog!

James - oh, I hate working weekends, which is something that I only do very rarely now and then it is only for around 4 hours (Open Days) which gives me the whole Monday off in return. Glad you found the cable.

Brenda - Hm, given the history of where you are, I guess it is not surprising that bagels (a Jewish invention) cannot be found... Try making them yourself, you have to eat them while they are really fresh and it is quite easy if you don't panic!

Princess of the Universe said...

I'm a big sci-fi geek, LOTR, 4400, Star Wars, Matrix. Not so much Star Trek, Captain Kirk really turned me off...

Rock Chef said...

Princess - I don't like Star Trek (Kirk does not do it for me either!) or the Matrix (just sends me to sleep). 4400 is great as is Heroes.

Will see what I can do about the signature!