Monday, September 24, 2007

I would like to thank...

Logzie for giving me this award!

It is always wonderful when someone gives me something like this - hey, of all of the bloggers out there, she chose ME!

So now I have to nominate someone else to receive this wonderful award, which is a really difficult job, I must say, as I tend to read blogs that make me smile! So here goes:

Ali always gives me a good grin, especially now that she is pouting again.

I love reading Mr Zig's blog because of the odd spin he puts on his topic of the day. He has also recently shown off what a good guitar player he is, while using his dog as a front man. Now you can't argue with style like that!

My final award goes to Krista's Dramatic Intensity because she has a totally insane sense of humour. I hope that this will encourage her to blog more regularly!

Hm, just realised that all 3 of my awards have gone to Winnipeg! Hm, wonder if there is some sort of Canadian conspiracy going on?


Ali said...

Yay! Thanks John!
And oh yes, there is a definite Winnipeg/Canadian/Cool Kids conspiracy going on...mwahahahaha!

Logziella said...

Your Welcome John!!

Zig, Ali & Krista make me smile too! Congrats guys! :0)

mr zig said...

THANKS JOHN! - I'm honoured! Glad you enjoy my blog! - As for a conspiracy, well... I think you might be on to something... :):)

krista said...

Wow. I can't believe you nominated me! Thank you! I so happy you enjoy my "insane sense of humour"! Sometimes people don't get it! Yah, we have a conspiracy going on. I think it's the cold weather that makes us so cool!