Monday, June 11, 2007

The School Fete

On Sunday we went to the summer fete at the school that my 2 youngest go to. The weather was good for it, warm but a bit overcast so there was less risk of sunburn or heat stroke.

All the usual things there - knocking down coconuts, throwing things at crockery, throwing wet sponges at people, tombolas (we always do a lot of these in memory of our eldest daughter who absolutely loved them), etc. Oddly, everything we won (and we did do quite well) was girly (body lotion, foam bath, a coloured gel pen set, etc), leading to comments of "ooh, thank you Sophie". It is at times like that that I can actually feel her looking over my shoulder

We wondered around with the kids for a while, then our younger daughter was recruited to help out on the crockery smashing stall, so my wife and I sat on the grass, gave the boys money to go off and have fun, and grabbed a drink from the beer tent. What a great way to pass the afternoon.

The funniest thing of the day was when the boys threw wet sponges at each other. My eldest is rubbish at throwing - he tried hoopla, hitting coconuts, and smashing crockery with no success. His throwing was dangerously bad! Then it came to hitting his younger brother in the face with wet sponges - 3 hits out of 3 shots! He put it down to motivation. The coconuts had not given him any grief, but little brother...

Just for the record, little brother was also a very good shot, so they both got rather wet!


Terri said...

Sounds like good family fun! I'm not surprised that the boys didn't miss their mark with the wet sponges!

Logziella said...

That sounds absolutely fantastic...including the wonderful memories of your daughter. I am glad that you have those moments where you can feel her. I'm sure it is comforting. And everything else sounds 'picture perfect' as well!