Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Well I guess we should have known it would all go wrong.

Our daughter had 2 things to do yesterday - a trip to France with her junior school, due to get back at 7.15pm, and an induction/interview at the High School at 7.50pm. She starts High School in September. Both schools are within easy walking distance of our house, although in opposite directions.

At around 7pm it started to rain heavily, with thunder and lightning rumbling on the horizon. I headed down to the junior school to find that the return trip was delayed - new ETA 7.50. DOH!

Tried to phone High School, but no one answered, so I headed off to tell them what was going on. They were OK about it and told me to bring her up as soon as she got back.

Back to Junior School. Coach finally arrives at 8pm, so a mad dash through the storm to the High School, to find that everyone else had been done, but staff were still there.

We then had a fast-track induction and interview with my old woodwork teacher, which was a strange experience for me, before making the final return trip home.

This was an amazing experience for us. The storm was all around us, and we took to walking in the road so that we were not TOO close to the trees. There was one strike that looked like it was only about 100 yards away, though I am sure it was further really. After that, I spent the rest of the walk trying to be shorter :-)

I love storms, but that one was a bit close for comfort. Our satellite TV system was completely out, so we spent the rest of the evening watching Star Wars videos, as the boys have renewed interest in this.


Logziella said...

Wow, you did all of that by walking! I am glad you didn't get hurt! I bet you guys were soaked!...but a good memory when you look back at it...right?

Whenever I go with plans that are that close like never works out for me either...but what do you do? :0)

Ok-2 questions after reading this though. First, do you not own a car at all? I mean I knew you cycled to work but I guess I assumed that your wife used the vehicle. Only curious. And second, what does "DOH" stand for? I am really behind on all of this computer talk and I typed it into google but only found "department of health"...HA!

John said...

Logzie - no, we do not have a car at all. Neither of us learned to drive. I was much wetter than my daughter, I think the rain was worse early on.

DOH! It is the sound Homer Simpson makes when something goes wrong. Nothing to do with the Department of Health, but sometimes sadly appropriate I guess :-(

Logziella said...

Ah...I get it now! Good ole Homer! HA!!! I am surprised when I googled it that Homer didn't come up! :0)

Oh the things you are missing not having an automobile...High gas prices, big repair bills, high insurance payments. You are lucky!!

John said...

Yep. When I talk to people about how much they spend on their cars I really do wonder how they can afford it - but then others must wonder how on earth we survive without one!

amazingbrenda said...

Happy belated Father's day! Congrat's on the guitar. That rocks!

Sorry about your day. I bet that was a wet one?

John said...

Thanks - it is a lovely guitar.

Wet? Yup, I was wetter than my daughter, but my hair is lovely today :-)

Terri said...

I'm glad you made it through the storm safely!

I actually knew what "DOH!" meant. I use it regularly! Yes, I'm a dork.

John said...

Terri, nothing wrong with dorks, some of my best friends are dorks. :-)