Thursday, June 07, 2007

Return to Normality

My wife returns today, after being away for nearly 3 weeks (I think - I lost track of time.)

Her mother's funeral went as well as these things can, and her dad seems to be coping well now.

I think I did pretty well while she was away - the kids were fed, had clean clothes, did their homework, didn't fight too much, etc, etc. I kept some "me time" to keep me sane, playing a bit of guitar and managing to almost finish painting 2 more armies (Dacian Wars, around 100 AD, Rome attempting to conquer what became Romania) and have kept things under control at work!

The thing that I am most proud of, though, is managing to count my daughter's calories successfully all this time. I have been terrified that I would mess up and that she might fail to lose, or even gain weight under my regime. No problem, though, she continued to lose a pound a week with no trouble. I'M BAD!

Tonight I will be cooking Chinese, with my home made, zero-calorie, sweet and sour sauce, which is one of my wife's favourites. Hey, I know what you're thinking, and you're right - we have lost time to catch up on!


Terri said...

Hee hee!

Logziella said...

Who hoa!! You deserve to have fun after all that hard work! :0)

krista said...

Yay John! You are an awesome Dad and Husband! Have fun making up for lost time!


Can you share that recipe?

Sounds yummy and 0 Calories!