Tuesday, June 12, 2007

22 Years Ago Today...

my wife and I started seeing each other.

6 Years Ago Today...

we got married.

It is a shame I have to work today, but after all of my short days recently I did not have the cheek to ask!

I bought my wife yet another elephant ornament and a pair of silver elephant ear rings with tiny jingly bells hanging from them. She bought me a copy of the "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny" DVD, which we will watch tonight while eating fried chicken and drinking cherry coke, our nostalgia meal. We have not planned to go out for a meal as these never happen, something always goes dreadfully wrong, eg the place unexpectedly closes for the day :-(

So, enjoy our anniversary everyone!


Ali said...

Happy anniversary to you,
Happy anniversary to you,
Happy anniverrrrrrr-sary dear John and his wiiiii-iiiife,
Happy anniversary to you!

(Imagine that in a beautiful, melodic voice - instead of the scratchy, hoarse voice that I actually just sang it in.)

Have a wonderful day!

John said...

It sounded beautiful. Thanks Ali!

krista said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We usually stay in too on our anniversary. We also have very bad luck with the restaurant thing. I used to get my mom to babysit and tell her we were going out and then stay home and cook dinner!!! It was easier to tell her that than to try and explain wanting to stay home!

Terri said...

I don't think we celebrated our anniversary this year. Too busy. How sad. I'll celebrate yours and make up for it!

Happy Anniversary John!

Logziella said...

Happy anniversary John!!

Yummy...fried chicken and cherry coke! Sounds terrific!


amazingbrenda said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JOHN & WIFE!!! Have many great ones!!!

mmmmm...cherry coke...haven't had it since I left the country. mmm chicken I fried some chicken too yesterday for lunch. hehe.

mr zig said...

Happy Anniversary John!