Friday, June 08, 2007

Just Chillin'

Well today is just one of those days you can't help feeling great. Life is back to normal, I have got a silly smile on my face (see previous post...), I have got a nice simple task to do today, nothing too taxing, I have got Amy Winehouse playing away on my computer and it is Friday!

Can it get better than this?

Yes it can! I actually get a lunch break today too, so I will be in the little Mexican place I go to most of the time and munching a chicken quesadilla with loads of jalopinoes and cheezy nachos. It has been a long time, over 3 weeks since I was able to do that and I can't wait!

Have a great weekend, guys and galls!


Logziella said...

That made me smile! It's good to hear you excited and happy again! I can just picture you walking around with a big ole smile on your face today. Enjoy your Mexican lunch...that sounds so good!

Have a great weekend as well.

John said...

Ah it was fabulous. For desert I had a slice of brownie with cheese cake topping. As good as it is bad for you!

krista said...

mmmmmmmm....You made me hungry! I love mexican AND brownies! It's still another HOUR until we go for Ali's birthday lunch! It was good to hear you so happy! Have a great weekend, John!

Ali said...

Yay! John got busy!
I'm glad to hear you are getting back to normal. And eating delish food would make anyone feel better.
But Amy Winehouse - oh yeah, she is awesome - I was just listening to her myself.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Chris said...

That Mexican food sounds sooooo good...