Friday, January 26, 2007

The Rock Chef

As a teenager I always wanted to be a rock star - most did in those days. Unable to get on with a normal 6 string guitar (at the time I did now know it, but I have a condition called Dyspraxia which affects coordination among other things - maybe I will blog on this another time), I took up bass guitar. 4 strings made this a lot easier for me, although I still had to work really hard to get even reasonably good at it.

I played in bands, gigged a bit, and then children arrived, so I gave up.

Then, at the age of 40, my mid-lfe crisis kicked in. Some get a sports car, some get a new wife, I got a new guitar. But not a bass, this time I got a 6 string electric guitar, determined that Dyspraxia would not beat me this time. Amazingly, I picked it up fairly quickly and can now play well enough for my own entertainment.

And this is where The Rock Chef comes in. Sometimes on a Friday evening or at the weekends when I tend to do a lot of cooking, I become The Rock Chef. I strap on my guitar, plug it into a small battery powered amplifier that my wife bought for me, clip the amp onto my belt and head off to the kitchen. This allows me to cook and play guitar while I am waiting for something to rise, heat up, cook, etc.

I wrote a Rock Chef song as I cycled in this morning. Sung as straight 12 bar blues:

The Cheese Grater Blues
Well tonight I'm making pizza
And it's time to grate the cheese.
I said tonight I'm making pizza
And it's time to grate the cheese.
And I sure hope that grater
Is goin' to be good to me!

Well I'm gratin' up the cheese
And it all is goin' well.
I said I'm gratin' up the cheese
And it all is goin' well.
Now I've slipped and cut my fingers!
Sure hope that grater burns in Hell!


Logziella said...

Love the song...great lyrics!!!!

Chuck & I know exactly what you mean about the hobbies being put on a long pause when the children arrive. Chuck has given up more hobbies than me simply b/c I didn't really have any hobbies. He gave up hunting & fishing. I didn't start scrapbooking until after the kids came along. But we are realizing something lately that sounds like you already know...that you have to try and work your hobbies around the family duties, like you playing guitar in the kitchen (love that). Chuck plays his guitar everynight in the kids room while he puts them to bed. They enjoy it and he gets to works for everyone.

mr zig said...

Oooh - I love the playing guitar while cooking idea!!! I think I'm going to have to pick myself up a small amp like that! - Great lyrics too by the way - (I'm gonna try 'em out as soon as I get home and my guitar is in my hands....)

John said...

Glad you like the Rock Chef! On Sunday he was replaced my the Funky Chef, popping and slapping away on his 5 string bass guitar...