Thursday, January 18, 2007

I read the news today, oh boy!

Sorry, can't help it! I am going to have to comment on Celeb Big Brother and how the media are handling it!

The media is currently full of how Jade is being racist to Shilpa. Sure they are having lots of arguments, and Jade is shouting a lot, but I don't think they are getting it right.

The problem is not race, it is Class. Shilpa is from the top strata of Indian society and expects to be treated with respect. Jade will not do this, and resents Shilpa's many comments that draw attention to her lower intelligence and education. Many of the arguments actually start when Shilpa makes a nasty comment to Jade.

However, there is a third player here which the media are totally missing out on, because the reporters are clearly only watching selected footage. The REAL nasty piece of work is Danielle (the sweet, innocent girl who became Miss UK by accidentally sleeping with one of the judges), who makes comments to keep things going when Jade is trying to calm down, and laughs/smirks/giggles when the arguments are going on. She is also the only one to have made what anyone should see is clearly a racist comment: "I wish she would f*$% off home". She tried to deny it was meant like that, but it is a "standard" British saying and can only mean one thing. But the media are so hot on blaming Jade, they have missed it!

This then gets me thinking. If they can't get a story right when everything is there for them to see, how can we trust them on other, more complex, issues? The mind boggles!


Logziella said...

Good conclusion!

I really don't trust the media (here anyway) at all! The bias is so completely obvious!

James said...

You are absolutely right John, the row is about class. Shilpa is a class act. (no pun intended) She is everything they are not. She is gracious, well mannered, speaks impeccably. The 3 English girls are being showed up for what they really are. I must say I am ashamed if people around the world think all English are like them. They are a disgrace.