Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well I had to get around to this sooner or later. There are some movies that I watch over and over again, often driving others to distraction :-) Here are some of my favourites with a comment on why:

The Return of Captain Invincible: a wonderful spoof, including such gems as the superhero being questioned during the McCarthy Witch Hunts in the 1950s and being asked why he has a red cape.

Undercover Brother: a spoof of Shaft where our funky hero battles against The Man. Some excellent humour including the black revolutionary organisation that has a white member, thanks to Affirmative Action.

Galaxy Quest: the ultimate Sci-Fi spoof where the cast of a TV series are taken up into space my aliens who think the TV shows were real and have recreated the spaceship. Too many great gags to pick on just one!

Beaches: OK, so this is not a dumb comedy, but I really love this film, even if I do end up blubbing like a big girl at the end.

Saving Private Ryan: OK, better save my manhood and choose a war film! Seriously, though, this is a really great film and should be compulsory viewing as part of history at school, alongside Schindler's List.

The Lord of the Rings: a wonderful film of a wonderful book. If are not hooked, try again watching the extended DVD versions if possible. Full of great stuff. One of my favourite moments is when Sam nearly drowns while trying to swim after Frodo when the Fellowship breaks up.


Logziella said...

Out of your entire list, I have only seen Saving Private Ryan & Beaches.

Beaches is way too sad for me. I have a hard time watching it. Every since I was faced with a life threatening illness, I have a hard time watching things like that. I brings me back to that point of despair that I never want to have to visit again.

These days, my problem is trying to stay awake for an entire movie...ha...ha!

Terri said...

Galaxy Quest.....YES!

John said...

Logzie - I can see that Beaches would not be the film for you. Glad you are still with us. Falling asleep during films is something I struggle with too.

Terri - A Galaxy Quest fan! We had better stick together - I don't think there are many of us!

Ali said...

Hey John,
You wrote this 4 days ago - it's Saturday afternoon where I am...I need something new to read!
Just teasing!

jpeg said...

Speaking of compulsary viewing (although it's probably not ideal for school children of a certain age) Elem Klimov's 'Come and See' is right up there. Probably the most important and devastating 'fictional' war film ever made, and one that has stayed with me ever since I first saw it.

Also, Galaxy Quest is cool ;)