Friday, January 12, 2007

Jelly Babies and other magical food

What is it about certain food that gives them the power to make you feel that, against all possible reason, all is well in the world?

I had real trouble getting out of bed this morning, but I got ready and set off to work. As I entered Canterbury I stopped at a shop and bought some Jelly Babies. Now the morning is flying by, and it is break time already. It might be the huge amount of sugar in them, but I don't think that is all of it. There must be something that is especially comforting about certain food - maybe it reminds us of when life was less complicated and stressful, when the biggest worry was whether Man Utd would win on Saturday, or whether I would be able to watch UFO on a friend's colour TV (it just did not work in black and white!).

Another magical food for me is the Quesadila sold at a local Maxican and sandwich bar. A wonderful combination of refried beans, salsa, jalopinos, etc inside a toasted wrap. Mmmmm. One of these with some natchos and cheese sauce at lunchtime and I am ready for world conquest. I think Santa Anna must have eaten these before deciding on war with Texas, but he clearly did not feed them to his troops too! If he had I think the entire USA would now be speaking Spanish! :-)

For many, chocolate seems to be a magical food, but it does not work for me - not that I do not enjoy it, of course!


Logziella said...

I am with you on the chocolate. I do enjoy it but it's not magical for me like others claim it to be for them. Hmmm...I would say that a Caramel Nut Latte would have to be that for me. When I am drinking one...all seems to be right in the universe. Just holding the nice warm cup relaxes me. It reminds me of fun times b/c it's something that I usually do on a date night with my husband or when I am out with a girl friend and we are just chatting over coffee.

It's a terrible thing on the other hand though. I can't believe I pay $4 for ONE drink! And the calories it has...must be equal to a dessert! But like I said, my problems all disspear when I am drinking this expensive & fattening drink. Don't get me wrong, they reappear the next day when I am broke and fat!

James said...

Ain't that a metaphor for life.....all pleasures have to be paid for sooner or later

John said...

I think you are right, James. Thanks for visiting my Blog. More next week!