Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Perfect Lunch-break

It is lunchtime - my stomach feels so empty it must think my throat has been cut!

[Rumble, gurgle]

Time to head into town. It is a very nice, warm, sunny day, with just a hint of dark cloud on the horizon, just to make you even more appreciative of what is directly over head. As I leave work and walk past the walls around Canterbury Cathedral (a massive, spectacular building, a World Heritage Site, noless, that I rarely actually notice these days) I ponder lunch. There is just about everything you could possibly want within an easy stroll (except, possibly, sushi, but I don't like that anyway!). But as I draw closer the call of the Mexican becomes too tempting and I go in for my usual sit down meal - chicken quesadilla, cheesy natchos and a Coke. I slowly munch my way through this while reading a rather fancyful account of the Battle of Poitiers - the Black Prince's great victory over the French. This is very appropriate reading, as the Black Prince is buried only a couple of hundred yards away from where I sit.

Then it is time for a quick scout around the shops. Nothing very exciting except for a new 6 string bass guitar (most bass guitars have 4 strings). It is surprisingly nice to play, but I am not convinced it has much of an advantage over my lovely 5 string... (see photo). This guitar was amazingly cheap when I bought it but it remains one of the best instruments I have ever played, second only to the one that had the £3000 price tag!
Then I stroll back to work, sipping the last of my Coke, soaking up the sun and avoiding the gangs of tourists that seem intent on seeing everything at once, the odd cyclist that seems determined to get across town without touching his breaks and the ever present homeless drug addicts who lurk on the fringes.


Logziella said...

That does sound like a nice relaxing lunch break and Oh yes, I always opt for Mexican when given the chance!

Terri said...

I wish I had the time to enjoy such a lunch break. I only get a half hour and it doesn't allow me to venture all that far from the office. Although, I don't have to go far to see the resident drug addicts.