Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Needed - more days like this!

Well for a start, the DIY did not happen. Due to more or less constant rain we were not able to even think about it, so the weekend was quiet and peaceful (once I got home from working on Saturday, of course). The only downside was that I got soaked each time I took the dog out or popped to the shop. Oh well.

Monday arrived. Now I may have mentioned this before, but every time my wife and I plan a day to ourselves while the kids are at school it all goes wrong - one of the kids is sick or we get where we are going to find it has closed for the day, that sort of thing. So we got the kids to school, walked the dog without getting rained on, then wondered what to do next! We had not expected to get this far. So I suggested we went to order the new carpet for the living room that my wife had been talking about for a while. So off to town (still no rain), found the carpet shop, they had everything we wanted, plus a few other things and we ordered the lot! Hm, this is going to be expensive I thought, but it really was not as bad as expected, so the day got better still.

Time for lunch. We had originally planned a visit to a Chinese restaurant, but but gave it a miss as we had take away the night before, so instead we went to a deli and grabbed a load of stuff.

Time to go home. As we came out of the deli a taxi pulled up, so we grabbed it and whizzed home with plenty of time to eat lunch and relax before the kids came out of school.

By this time we were getting a little paranoid - something must happen to ruin it all, but nothing. It was a great day off - now we have to get ready to lay the new carpets... At least the rain can't stop THAT!


Terri said...

Sounds like an awesome day! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Maybe you can relax a little next time.

Ali said...

What a wonderful day! I'm so glad you and your wife were able to enjoy some time alone together.
But my poor aching body...I think you NOT doing any DIY transferred it all to me.
I worked like a fiend all weekend!

John said...

Terri - if our record so far is anything to go by the next time we get a day together like this I will have retired!

Ali - that is OK, you can have my aches and pains. You are younger after all and will recover much quicker ;-) I am sure I will be suffering again soon, though, once we get onto laying the carpets :-(

Logziella said...

I LOVE those kind of days!! So glad you and your wife got some quality time together.

amazingbrenda said...

How Fun!! That's great that you had a fun w/o any interruptions day. ALways nice when it doesn't rain huh.

Have fun laying carpet...I know what that's like. hehe