Monday, July 30, 2007

The Week That Was

Last week was a strange one.

To start with, the weather went back to being awful with massive flooding in other parts of the country, but just enough to make things wet and miserable where I am. Custard the dog enjoys the wet, though, so at least he had a good time.

Monday night was spoilt by my being kept awake by an inexplicable pain in my right side. I have no idea what it was, but it was so bad that I vomited. A couple of hours later it went as fast as it came, leaving me worn out for the next day. As a result I spent Tuesday on the sofa being waited on, catching up on DVDs - Hot Fuzz was the best one, a spoof Police movie set in a quiet English village that has had no (reported) crime for years. See it if you get the chance.

Wednesday was my daughter's last day at Junior school so we went to the leaver's concert and then out onto the field (hey the sun even came out!) where they all signed each other's school shirts and memory books.

Friday to Sunday saw us loosen the strings on our daughter, who slept over at a friend's house in the town and (this is the difficult bit) travelled there and back on the bus with her friends. We found this incredibly hard to do, but she did really well and sent us text messages to keep us informed.

On Saturday I went to a friend's house to play a wargame. Four of us fighting a small battle set in the Sudan in Victorian times, with the gallant British fighting off the natives and saving civilization. Great fun.

Now I have to think about work!


Terri said...

Don't you hate when your vacation starts out with you being sick? I'm glad you're feeling better.

Ali said...

I missed you so much!
I'm glad you're feeling better too - would hate to have any more illness around here.
Hot Fuzz - that movie almost made me pee my pants. The part where they're flying over the village and it turns out to know...tiny - I was crying from laughing in the theatre.

Logziella said...

Welcome back John!!

Glad you are feeling better!

We missed you!

Rock Chef said...

What a wonderful welcome! I should go away more often!

If you enjoyed "Hot Fuzz", then there is a Zombie spoof called "Shaun of the Dead" by the same team. Well worth a look, if you have not seen it already.

Ali said...

Oh yes - I know all about Shaun of the Dead :)

amazingbrenda said...

Glad your back. What a stink that was. Glad your feeling better.

I haven't heard of that movie, but now I am curious, so I shall rent it.

I can't imagine how it will be when we have to loose strings for our daughter. We only have about 13 more years. Ha! So we hope.

I love it when you can find great deals on stuff. I'm sure your kids are having a blast wearing all them new clothes.

James said...

Hi John,

glad you are back mate. Sorry to hear about the tummy ache. We are used to the girls going on sleepovers. We also let the eldest one go shopping with her friends up town or to the cinema but we set her time limits. What rules did you usefor the Sudan game? Was it Rudi Geuden's Afriboria or maybe TSATF?


Rock Chef said...

Amazingbrenda - a word of warning about these movies - the language can be very strong! If you don't mind that they are very funny.

James - the rules were something that our host had modified from something else, don't know what. They were a bit strange, professing to be simple yet some of the procedures were rather taxing on the brain :-(