Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blogging: Light Relief?

When I started this at the beginning of the year it was all just a bit of fun. Posting a few odd thoughts each day, reading a few other blogs, that was it. Something for coffee breaks to take my mind away from things.

It is not that simple, though, is it? There was a recent exchange where we talked about our "blog family" and how we all had so much in common, how much we could relate to many of the problems that others had, sharing stories that have bonded us, even though most of us have never met.

The last few days have brought this home to me even more - reading about the problems that some of you are currently facing was really hard, while there is also increasing excitement about babies that are on the way. Then I woke up this morning to news of the bridge disaster in Minneapolis and instantly became concerned about bloggers from that area.

Seems that my "bit of fun" has taken on a life of its own, something that I could not have imagined a few short months ago. Isn't blogging amazing?


Ali said...

Oh boy - you have been brought over to the other side. It's great over here, glad you joined us!

When I started my blog over a year ago I was very nonchalant about it - post about whatever, and then just wait and see if anyone would leave me comments. But around month 4 it kind of took on a life of it's own. I began to find favourites, people that I became endeared with and eventually fell in love with.
Everyday I would check their blogs, happy for them when life was right, and crying for them when something was wrong.
Now it's as if most of you are little pieces of my extended family.
Blogging IS amazing - I'm thankful everyday that I was "harassed" into starting my blog ;)

Terri said...

John, you hit the nail on the head! I started one day after having read a couple of blogs for a couple of years and finding a desire within myself to connect with others outside my immediate family and friends and test my ablility to write in a way that would do so. I had no idea either, that I would feel that strong connection with some of my blog friends and I'm grateful every day to have found this outlet that has brought others so close to my heart. (You are one of them!)

mindy said...

Very well said!

Thanks again for your concern!!

mr zig said...

yep... I too thought blogging would be a short term thing... but now it consumes my thoughts, and everything that happens gets followed this thought: - Hmmm... can I blog about this? - what picture would I take? -

Logziella said...

Same here...never could have imagined that I would make such wonderful friendships with people whom I have never met in person and from all over the world!

I really do consider my blogger buddies real friends and cannot imagine a day when we are not communicating on a daily basis.

Funny how that all works out! I am so glad to have this connection though...I can't tell you the support I feel from you guys! I would not trade it for anything!