Friday, March 23, 2007

Photo, at last!

I just found this photo of myself on the web. It is from a few years ago, but I have not changed much.


Terri said...

Hey John... nice to finally see the face behind the voice... so to speak.

Ali said...

Yay - a picture! I'm so happy to be able to "see" you now.
It would figure that I absolutely pictured you with blonde hair, and that it's exactly opposite of what I thought. Very cute though - not to worry!
And is that a Wallace & Gromet shirt?

Logziella said...

It's about time! HA! Just giving you a hard time! You don't look like you could be a father of 4!!
(That's a compliment)! :0)

John said...

Terri - I thought it was about time I showed by face properly.

Ali - Yes, that is a Wallace and Gromit t-shirt. I love them. BTW I did have blond hair as a child!

Logzie - My wife says I have the "Cliff Richard Gene" which stops you looking your age... I still feel old, though!