Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday on my mind

Where has the week gone? It is Friday again, our traditional pizza day. (Sorry Ali!)

Pizza day started off a long time ago, when I discovered the pizza counter at Asda. I would pop in on the way home, grab 3 pizzas, wedge them into my rucksack and head home. Mmm, a nice, easy, tasty meal to end the week.

Then, one day, I had the bright idea of making my own bases. It was very easy, and the result was delicious. That evening, the kids got together and banned me from buying pizza ever again. From now on, pizza would be home made. And it has been ever since.

Of course, the beauty of it is that each of us can personalise our own pizza - my youngest started off having only cheese with a thin base, but has now added salami, sausage and bacon, while I can add jalopinoes and a sprinkling of tabasco sauce and the girls pile up the vegitables. Everyone is happy.

Except, perhaps, the neighbours, as I have to have music on while I do the cooking: Foo Fighters, Gary Moore or AC/DC are current favourites, and of course, there are the days when The Rock Chef joins in...

"Monday I have Friday on my mind..."


Logziella said...

We had pizza last night. It was good but not as good as what your's sounded like! Have a great family pizza night jamming to the tunes...sounds like FUN!

Terri said...

It's Friday, and it's Lent, and trying to be good Catholics, we are eating fish! But pizza sounds SOOOO much better.

Ali said...

LOL - don't be sorry! I am feeling much better about the whole pizza thing now - plus, the husband apologized so I'm happy.
But your kids each making their own pizza while you rock out with them in the kitchen - that is quite possibly one of the coolest things I've ever heard!
I am currently in love with AC/DC as well - and jazz. A weird combo, but it works.
And just so you know...I took my first look at some guitars today, and oh boy, I have been bitten by the music bug quite hard - I'm itching to buy!

Logziella said...

I grew up Catholic and during lent we always ordered a cheese only pizza. I don't like fish.

amazingbrenda said...

YUMMMYYY....that's a great tradition to have. What an unforgetble memory your kids will have. So can I order some from JOHN'S pizzeria?? I like to listen to music aswell when I cook. There's nothing better thatn rocking to the music while cooking. It makes it fun..well for me. Then I get my 3 yr old to dance with me. He loves it & ofcourse there's the 1 yr old who doesn't wanna be left out! haha.

BTW, LOL on the last do you & mummy stil do it!! still cracking up. Have a great weekend!!!