Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Slippers

Things are pretty laid back where I work - the Geography Department of a University. When I change from my cycling clothes into my work clothes I often pop on a pair of mocasin slippers, which have become something of a trademark over the years. They are getting pretty old and tatty now, but they are SO comfortable I just can't stand the idea of getting rid of them.

One year I took my them on a week long field trip. Some students got together and kidnapped my slippers and held them to ransom. On the last night I had to complete a set of tasks to secure their release. Getting a bra was the hardest... (Note: I did not do anything unethical!)

These same slippers were also responsible for me mentally scarring my eldest daughter. When she was at the college near where I work, we used to meet up for lunch every Thursday. One day I was running late and did not change out of my slippers. It was not until I got home that night that I found how mortified she had been. I was never, ever to meet her wearing those skanky slippers again. (Note, though, that she had not turned down lunch!) She never forgave me for that. Even when she was in hospital she ordered me not to wear them when visiting her!

I love my slippers.


Logziella said...

Ok, now elaborate on this bra thing would ya? HA!

I know it's hard to believe that I am getting close to the 'stage of life' where I can embarrass my kids. I don't think I am quite there yet b/c Logan still blows me a kiss everyday after he gets out of the van and he doesn't mind in anyone sees him. I do realize that those days are limited.

You sound like such a fun Dad!!

John said...

The bra. OK. We were about to go out to a nightclub when the ransom note arrived. It listed a series of tasks for me to achieve, one of which was to get a bra. This was the last one left as the evening neared its end. While I was wondering how "if I buy you a couple of drinks can I have your bra" would sound to a complete stranger, I got chatting to a girl student who was happy with the deal!

Ali said...

Slippers are awesome! I have a leopard print pair that I wear at work, and then about 6 other various pairs around my house.
I have no doubt that your daughter was completely mortified when you showed up in your slippers - but what a great memory that she teased you about it even when she was sick.
You should post a picture of them!

Terri said...

Too funny! We probably all have something like your slippers that we wear regardless of what others think. Mine is a hooded sweatshirt purchased on Madeline Island one year during our annual "adults only,leave the kids at home weekend."

John said...

Ali - You are right, this is a memory that I treasure.

Terri - but I bet you look dead cool in it, unlike me and my slippers.

Chris said...

You wanna talk about slippers?
I'll post a picture of the nastiest slippers ever made. They were a gift for the entire family one year at Christmas. Ali has a pair too.

amazingbrenda said...

post a a picture..we want to see these moccasins.

Thanks for clearing the bra thing. funny. Hey maybe you should win an award for having the oldest pair of shoes..unless someone wants to tell us of an older pair of shoes they have been holding too..

Great memory to have.