Friday, March 23, 2007

The Accidental Diet

2 weeks ago everyone else in the house decided that they needed to lose a few pounds. My wife has always been a bit heavier than she should be, but that does not bother me (she calls me a "chubby chaser"), the boys have become aware that they have a bit of podge on their bellies that could go and my daughter has decided she wants to drop a bit of weight so she will look really good when she moves up to secondary school in the autumn.

The only one who did not want to lose weight was me - I have hovered around the 200 pound mark for the last 10 years, and at 6'2" this is about right, especially as most of it is muscle on my legs and butt from cycling (the best butt in town according to my wife).

So this morning it is weigh-in day. In the last 2 weeks, the boys lost a pound each, my daughter lost 3 pounds and my wife, who has been working out like a demon, lost 10 pounds!

I was still in bed while all this was going on and suddenly got the urge to weigh myself too. I guess I was feeling left out!

So, into the bathroom, onto the scales and wait for the numbers to settle down - I felt like a contestant on The Biggest Loser!

So guess how much I lost, without trying, just by eating the healthy meals that the others were eating.

Go on, have a guess!

10 pounds!

That makes me the lightest I have been since my mid-thirties!

My wife was furious! "Typical! I have been exercising myself to death to shift it, and you do it without thinking about it! You have probably been eating cream cakes at work too!"

Which was absolutely true, I had 2 yesterday...


Terri said...

I'm sure part of your advantage is constantly staying in shape by cycling. But another advantage is height. My more "vertically challenged" friends would like to slap me sometimes when they see the way I eat. But I'm tall so I get away with it!

John said...

I have been told that height helps, sometimes jokingly being told that it is because the heart has to work harder getting the blood all the way up to the head!

Logziella said...

I absolutely hate trying to loose weight! I don't mind excercize and eating healthy...I actually like that b/c it just makes me feel better all around. But getting on the scale and measureing...ugh!

Congratulations to you all!! What a great family thing to do!

P.S.Finally a picture!!!! Yay!!

amazingbrenda said...

Great picture mate!! That's great. I really need to loose abt 20lbs by July. But this time I'm keeping it off. I have not weighed myself. The last tie I weighed my self was 8mo ago. And I know for sure I out on 5lbs over X-Mas. YIKeS!!

So I started walking last week & drinking lots of water. The real walking (abt a 2hr trail walk will begin nxt week) yipee!!!

Congrats on all of you. That rocks!! Keep it up!!!