Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Extreme Cycling

Yesterday had been a wonderfully sunny day, but while I was out taking my dog, Custard, for his evening walk I noticed the fog closing in. I like a bit of fog and Custard seemed to like it too, finding lots of extra exciting sniffs along the ditches and hedgerows where we walk.

By this morning I had completely forgotten about the fog - until I opened the door to find that I could not see the houses across the street. A real 'Pea Souper' as we call it here.

The cycle ride to work was hellish - large vehicles emerging from the fog and disappearing just as quickly. I hoped and prayed that my reflective clothing and lights made me visible enough, but still hugged the edge of the road, dodging the pot holes, ready to take a dive into the ditch or hedge if things got nasty. Strangely, I soon realised that I was actually finding the trip rather exciting, whizzing into the unknown, having to suddenly swerve to avoid a fallen tree branch or the rear end of a car that had missed a corner in the fog.

Extreme Cycling.

Well, extreme for me, anyway.


Logziella said...

Oh my gosh! Be careful! You know I worry! :0)

Terri said...

Scary cycling in my book!

mr zig said...

That sounds awesome :) Makes me so excited for when I start cycling to work again! - I LOVE cycling in the fog - Especially in the woods - ooooh cycling... can't wait!

amazingbrenda said...

cycle cycle cycle away...into..hmmm..the unknown? haha. What an adventure...glad it was yu & not me. Although I coud use some cycling.

Btw, previous blog. hilarious. B/C this has totally happened to me. What is it with short geriatric lines :/