Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine's Day card

I got home last night to find that my wife had made me a Valentine's Day card. It was great! Standing about 12 inches high, it had the message "To my Jelly Baby Valentine" written on the front in huge, coloured letters and attached to the front was a large clear plastic box which was filled with Jelly Babies and bars of chocolate! Wow! How perfect can something be?

Then followed the discussion about what to eat - no of course we hadn't planned ahead! In the end we settled on good old Southern Fried Chicken, ribs and fries, probably our main food during the early courting days, so I popped into town and grabbed far more than was decent. We all then ate far more than was decent and spent the evening like a family of Buddahs in front of the TV. Sometimes it just has to be done...

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Logziella said...


I can just picture it!

Sound fantastic!!

We opted for Chineese food last night. Cashew Chicken...yummy!!!!!