Friday, February 09, 2007


Well it is Friday - how can a week seem so short and so long at the same time? Time is relative, it is said. Relative to what? A psychopathic junkie?

Anyway, I am hoping for a nice, peaceful weekend, where maybe we can catch a family movie and generally just chill, because I really need it. Yesterday was manic. We had snow in the morning, which meant that I called in and said I was taking the day off. I won't cycle in ice and the buses are dreadfully unreliable - last time it snowed heavily (2 inches) they stopped running entirely, leaving adults and school kids alike stranded miles from home. Johnny don't play that! So I set about a day of helping out my wife and my mum - collecting food for the pony, going up to the field and feeding him, getting shopping, collecting the dog from the vets (had his hips x-rayed looking for deformed joints - more on this later), collecting kids from school, going to parents evening and finally staggering in and collapsing. What a day. Not even enough snow left to make a snowman by the time I could think about it. Oh well.

Back to the dog, Custard the golden labrador. The vet was looking to see if there were problems with the development of his hip joints. To cut a story short, basically he does not have any joints, just a slight dip that his leg tries to connect with. He is OK at the moment but we now know that, sooner or later, he will need an operation to do something about it. Poor Custard. Poor bank balance. Oh well, we have come to expect things like this. To tell the truth, this diagnosis was a bit of a relief as the x-ray was also to look at a small lump that is on the side of his leg. Our initial fear was that this was some sort of cancer, but it seems to be scar tissue from bug bites that he got last summer, so it is not all bad news.

Right, I am off now - the Rock Chef is making pizza tonight, as is usual on a Friday. Hope the cheese grater is in a good mood!


amazingbrenda said...

Hey..I want pizza too..c'mon cheese greater work work work..mmmm.

Glad your dog is ok. Yah poor bank account. haha.

You sure did have a long day to have had the day off. haha. Glad it was mission accomplished.

Hey did u read my joke that I posted on ur blog? haha

Logziella said...

Golden Retreivers are prone to hip displesia (I probably didn't spell that correctly!)...Grover has been developing some 'lumps' as of late and it scares me! I love him so much and I have always told Chuck that if something happens to just go get another Golden Retreiver puppy right away and we will call him Grover and I will just pretend he shrunk! HA! He has a vet appointment is a couple weeks. We should know more then. He will be 10 this year... Yah, about the bank account...I wish there was some type of health insurance you could buy for animals...
Have a great weekend! I thought about you and James when I heard about your snow there!

John said...

Amazingbrenda - pizzas were great (as always, I do a wonderful pizza) and yes, I did read and like your joke. And the moral is to treat women well, they always win in the end!

Logziella - there is pet inmsurance here but we decided it was not worth taking it out. They only cover you for big bills, and in our experience it is the constant popping in and spending £30-40 that adds up in the long term. When it comes to it we will just stick on Mr Plastic and worry later.