Friday, August 31, 2007

Sometimes I think I am being unfair...

... when I constantly expect the worst.

But them something will happen that proves I was right!

Let me explain.

We never let our dog, Custard, off his lead. When we go for walks we have him on an extending lead that gives him a fair amount of freedom, but still leaves us in control. We have been told that this is cruel.

But we have reasons.

The first is that he has deformed hips. He is fine now, but too much running and playing could easily cause injury, forcing very expensive operations which may or may not return him to full fitness.

Secondly, there are just too many busy roads around with cars that go much too fast. Dogs can be trained but it only takes a moment of forgetfulness and it is too late. I lost a dog that way when I was 13, and have no intention of repeating the experience!

Thirdly, too many folks near me have got dogs that I just plain don't like and don't trust. Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Rottweilers are the order of the day. Now I am happy to accept that with reasonably good owners these breeds of dog can be very good pets. But if the owner is less responsible they can be an utter nightmare. All summer I have been trying to avoid a confrontation with a pair of young male Rottweilers that like stalking, and increasingly, attacking other dogs. If Custard is on a lead, I can haul him in and protect him.

Yesterday's local news paper contained proof that my caution is sensible. A Yorkshire Terrier was attacked and literally ripped to pieces by 2 Rottweilers (not the ones I have been avoiding, another pair) only couple of hundred yards from where I live, on a lane where I often walk Custard.

So I will continue to keep Custard on his lead and will, in addition, now be taking a heavy walking stick with me when I go out...


Chris said... dog name EVER!!
I wish I had a dog, but I get my fix when I go visit my parents. They adopted a German shepherd cross.

Rock Chef said...

According to my daughter, Custard's full name is:

Custard Honeykins Baby Woo Woos Crumble Mustard Rhubarb Hills.

Yes, madness does run in the family!

James said...

Don't tell the Rottweilers Custard has all those other cissy names they will just take the mickey.

Logziella said... are TOO funny!! LOL!!

I don't think you are doing anything cruel or unusual at all!! I think it's responsible.

And that name...oh so cute!!

Terri said...

Gosh, my pets only have simple names. Our springer spaniel is Shelby of Sunnydale (after the farm where she was born) and our cat is Holly Buster Parfait... because when she adopted us, the original owners called her Buster but we thought that was a stupid name for a girl cat. "Holly" is what we renamed her and is short for the last name of the original owners. She became Holly Buster... and then somehow, my favorite Dairy Queen treat came into play (the peanut buster parfait) and Holly Buster Parfait was born.

I'm sure you're thrilled to know all that!

Logziella said...

My dog's name is Grover P. Mickleshanski.

He was supposed to be Spike but somehow a Golden Retreiver named Spike seemed weird.

Grover just fit him. Mickleshanski is after his parents. His dad's name was Mickey and his mom's name was Shaniah and the "ski" is because I am Polish.

Rock Chef said...

James - I think it must be common knowledge anyway, very few male dogs around here like him. He is a big hit with the girls, though!

Logzie - thanks for making me feel more normal. But you did not explain the "P" in Grover's name.

Terri - Holly Buster Parfait? Sounds like a 1950s movie star!

Logziella said...

That's a good question John...everyone needs a middle initial atleast and the "P" just worked. No other reason... :0)

Anonymous said...

I have a Rottweiler and she is very gentle.